Cuck Shame

You feel a pain in your chest, your eyes start to come in focus, you look around yourself and you find your surroundings. You’ve got cuckold porn on again and your load busted all over the play. It’s much less than the hung bull in the video but it’s still a lot to clean up all while you feel a pain. You hate yourself. You hate that you came again to the thought of another man sexually satisfying your crush, girlfriend, wife, or whatever, what the hell is wrong with you?

NOTHING! That’s right absolutely nothing. Society has told you that you should feel shame over your woman with another man but screw that. You can have your cake and eat it to. You can have a committed loving relationship with a woman and see her get dicked out like a white girl in an NBA locker room after dark. How though, how do you get over this feeling inside you of dread?

First off brush yourself off and let’s think about this. Do you want a woman that you can provide for? Do you want to be a man that makes all your woman’s dreams come true? Do you want to hold back your woman’s sexuality? These answer show you that cuckolding is a sign of love. You love your woman so much you’re doing anything to make her happy. You get to focus on this amazing angel of a woman and she gets to have out of this world orgasms and you get to share that with her. Sharing that fulfilling emotion is what cuckolding is about.

But what about the shame and humiliation? There’s no doubt a lot of that comes with cuckolding especially in regards to cock size. What’s important is to embrace the healthy from the unhealthy and for everyone that’s different. It’s important to communicate with your partner where your boundaries are so you can have pleasure. Accepting that you’re too small to give your woman this level of satisfaction can actually be a turn on. Rather than being destined to disappoint all women sexually, you actually get to be there for your woman’s orgasms on a huge cock and reclaim her after.

This reclamation is another sign you need to feel no shame. Your woman does not go home with the bull. She does not go grocery shopping, clean the house, pay bills, and join in the partnership in life. You as the cuckold are there as a partner to your woman after she has her fun with the bull. You can also add to her pleasure during the reclamation process in anyway she wishes. You should see your wife taking her bull in the same light you see her going to the bar with friends or going to get a massage. It’s for her enjoyment and benefit and she’s coming back to you so embrace her happiness and you can find a greater happiness in yourself.

If you’ve come this far it’s real to you and you can’t help but get turned on by your woman with another man. If your in a relationship you have to find a healthy way to talk about it, I suggest looking into Cuckoldress Venus as her podcast and blog sheds more light on it but from another cucks perspective I want to say you have to be honest about this. You love the idea and you shouldn’t be ashamed for being turned on by your woman getting a higher level of pleasure and satisfaction. If you’re single be honest about it to the women you talk to. You don’t have to come out and say it and scare everyone away but when you bring up sexuality be honest and confident in what you like and you’re more likely to find a good match. There are plenty of women into this lifestyle who don’t even know it’s a possibility so break the stigma and stop talking about it with shame but instead with confidence.

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