Cuckold Confidence

Cuckold Confidence, that almost sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Well for those who have gone deep into the emotional side of cuckolding it makes perfect sense so let’s dive right in!

First off what is cuckolding? Well the simple definition is just a man who’s woman has other men as part of her sexual outlet. Those who embrace the title like myself not only are aware of this infidelity but we love it. How can this be? How can we love our woman being with another man? Well there can be many reasons but it almost always boils down to the cuckold wanting his woman to be satisfied to the maximum and not restrict her freedom and promiscuity. Men who are cuckolds typically love “sluts” and the idea of slut shaming is alien to most of us. Accepting out woman’s insatiable appetite and supporting it truly brings the cuckold up to new highs seeing his woman satisfied beyond a point he could provide alone.

So if the cuckold enjoys seeing his woman happy shouldn’t he want to be free to hook up with other women and his woman can watch and be happy? No. If both parties do it it’s an open relationship and if it’s the reverse it’s a cuckquean relationship which I may discuss at a later point. In a cuckold relationship the beautiful part is the man completely commits loyally to his woman and focuses solely on her pleasure. This altruism and imbalance is what drives the relationship and embracing it is what allows the cuckold dynamic to thrive.

Just like how the cuckold loves that his queen is a slut and bucks the societal expectation for shame, the cuckold also relishes in the fact as a man he is giving up the societal expectation of being a “player” and bedding many women. Instead the cuck stays loyal to his woman and this loyalty and devotion is exactly why he never restricts his woman from any endeavor she wishes to experience. The support the cuckold gives sexually or platonically gives him a rush and allows him to accept the fact he is doing everything he can to make his woman happy. To truly treat his woman like a queen.

With all that being said it is easy to see how cuckolding can also play into humiliation but it’s not that simple. There is a complex web of control and power and submission underlying each and every cuckold relationship but the general trend is for the man to sacrifice his own pleasure and to take on any burden to please his wife. This normally takes the form sexually with another much more hung man. The cuckold can feel inferior and weak and downright helpless to the stronger man taking his wife because if the pleasure that it gives her. The cuckold is not captivated by the man’s power but by the woman’s submission to it. The cuckold recognizes his is more fulfilled and not only allows but supports his woman in going deeper with her passions.

This dynamic is what makes the cuckold relationship tick but their are a few things to remember. First this is all consensual. Everyone must communicate before and have clear limits and boundaries. Some couples might only ever dirty talk and use toys, some might just have one bull, some might go out in search of all the best experiences they can get whenever and wherever they find it. The scale is not important but boundaries are and respecting those is the first way to make this work. Next is for the cuckold and cuckoldress to be emotionally close. There needs to be an emotional connection and partnership there for it to have success as a relationship. There shouldn’t be any aspects of findom or blackmail or anything not completely consensual. If you want a crazy fantasy just find a sex worker, they are hard working and available to do the job but they are not going to exploit you the way someone pretending to make a relationship. Next this shouldn’t look like porn. This is obvious to most of the older crowd but many younger people don’t seem to realize porn isn’t sex, it’s art and fantasy. It’s no more realistic to sex than 300 was to historical Sparta. With these caveats in mind you can make the relationship work.

So knowing all this how do you get confidence? How does a cuckold not hate himself for not being enough for his woman. Well when you go out to eat with friends do you not enjoy their conversation? Does it not add to the conversation you have with your partner even though you have great dialogue with your partner? Of course it helps and I’m the same way bringing a bull into the cuckold relationship is an extension of that. After the woman has her fun it is the cuckold she stays with and sleeps and laughs with. There is a whole reclamation process I will talk about more detail in the future that can get really erotic, but beyond that it is passionate and wholesome and deeply emotional and it brings the couple together.

This is where the cuckold confidence comes in. After his woman had a great time with her bull she comes back to the cuckold. She lets her cuckold reclaim her and willingly goes into his embrace and enters deeper into the romantic partnership. The cuckold knows all he has to do is keep his woman happy by staying loyal and allowing her to have the freedom she deserves. Her feminine sexuality and passion is so much more magnificent than the masculine orgasm by any metric and by focusing on that, by the cuckold embracing his woman’s sexual energy to use as a building force in his own tease and denial, means when the cuckold finally does get release it is with all the passion his woman has endured and the fact that he makes his sexuality subservient to his woman’s makes both not just add to each other but multiply.

Understanding this is how you accept confidently that you will be a cuckold. That you will support you woman’s multiple orgasms and not make her sexuality rest on when you get hard and soft. You as the cuckold should have confidence you’re woman has the freedoms to come home at night and tease you, bring out her favorite toy, or go down to the dirty part of town and pick up a thug for some rough sex. You as the cuckold can confidently court this amazing woman and tame her sexual energy and supplement it no matter the size of your cock, your stamina, or any other personal limiting factor. You are confident after your woman reaches the peak of her sexuality you can shoot her higher off the mountain of orgasm and into the clouds of ecstacy remaining by her side through ever struggle. This is how you embrace cuckold confidence and why I am proudly a confident cuckold.

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  1. Great blog but can please change the text or background color. Is really hard for read without eyes strain. Make text needs to be darker or the backgrounds lighter. thanks


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