Raw Uncut, Cuck Angst

You read the text from you wife “GET READY!” it says. You instantly know what to do. You feel your member pressing hard against your boxers as it starts to rise but you run to the kitchen. You start getting drinks ready and pull out the condoms, lube, toys, and towels. You bring this to the bedroom on the platter you brought your wife breakfast in bed in on her birthday. You feel your heart race faster and your penis get more sensitive. You feel so hot and tingly thinking about your wife sensually…

But you’re not thinking of having sex with her, you’re thinking of a big strong masculine black man stretching her out with his massive cock while you get hard as you watch and edge out not being allowed to release until your wife allows you. Your sexual release is secondary. You are giving control of your sexuality to your wife and will be at her mercy.

This to me is where cuck angst lies. Right on the edge of maximizing your woman’s sexual desire for a strong hung man to ravage her with your desire to fulfill her fantasy as you serve her pleasure to serve your own. As a cuck you are denying yourself, you are allowing another man to have your woman, you are holding back your control over her sexuality and your own and willingly giving up this control feels so good.

It’s not for everyone. You have to be the type of the man can see your women get slutty and nasty and want her even more. You have to get turned on her watching porn of hung men, not fantasizing about you because you know this does not maximize sexuality. You have to be the type to willingly give your woman a key to your chastity cage so you can embrace her power even more.

If you can deal with maximizing your woman’s raw sexual power you can thrive off this angst. It’s an amazing push and pull of emotions inside yourself. There is the inferiority of not being enough, of admitting your woman has a sexual hunger you can’t satisfy. Then there’s the arousal of her including you in this. Of her knowing she wants more than you but she also not only wants you but needs you. She knows this turns you on and that’s why she goes even deeper into it which makes you want her to be even happier and it’s a loop that soon snowballs into ecstasy.

The focus should always be on your cuckoldress. Her pleasure is the focus. The bull isn’t there to get his rocks off and leave, he’s an integral part of the relationship and he’s also focused on her pleasure. By giving your woman a submissive and a dominant paradigm it allows her to maximize her sexual potential and by both the cuck and the bull focused on satisfying the cuckoldress all multiply their sexual output.

Once all 3 are on the same page it’s like a symphony of emotions. The cuck struggles against his desire to be the bull. He struggles with his own inadequacies but he accepts them because this embraces his woman’s sexuality. He loves seeing his woman with another man but their is still the pain of not measuring up, the pain of being just one man to a goddess who needs a Zulu legion all to herself.

Feeling that pain can really hurt. It can really drive you wild especially if you fight it. You can find yourself deleting the same things over and over again and never getting it out of your head. You are a cuck and that’s okay. If you stop the unhealthy process of fighting it and accepting this gets you off you can use that pain to heighten your sexuality as your woman accepts you, and there are woman who will accept you. Just look at https://venuscuckoldress.com/ and the women she’s helping enlighten on this type of relationship.

Once you accept that you are a cuckold you can mix that pain of measuring up with the pleasure of being accepted by a sex goddess even after she takes a 10 inch big black cock for hours. Being able to call her your partner after that and wake up in the morning next to her is the most magical thing ever. Being able appreciate her sexuality and to maximize it will actually leave you as the cuckold with even more intense orgasms and with the cuck angst you unlock an emotional experience unknown to most.

Cuck angst is that emotion that rides on the edge of satisfaction and denial, it is the experience of loving your woman as she wants bigger and better cocks than you, it’s the feeling of warmth when she returns to following her pussies destruction, and it’s a beautiful part of cuckold love.

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