The Thing About Size…

Ah the age old question, does size matter? Short answer, yes of course it does. Long answer, well that’s what we’re here to discuss.

Penis size matters to every vagina. This shouldn’t be a surprise. A woman’s vagina can get pleasure from a number of ways but the main way for a penis to give pleasure is through penetration. Ever woman has a lower limit where she can’t feel anything. Some women have an upper limit where they cant take anymore but that is normally very large. Almost all guys know the feeling of being deep inside of a woman and feeling like she can take more, like her vagina is just begging and stretching to fit any more that there is.

This feeling is important for a cuck to realize. Of course there can be hung cucks but most cucks aren’t very big and this feeling gives them disappointment. To a certain extent it should. You don’t have enough dick to satisfy your woman, but you can either hate and pity yourself or pick yourself up and work to satisfy your woman no matter what. If your woman wants bigger, give her bigger.

So what does the woman want? Well I’m not a want so I cant speak for them but in my experience women can always take more than my cock. Its about average length but relatively thick and some girls have said it’s a great size but when asking them if I had just an extra inch longer and thicker would they like that better and without fail all have said yes. The woman I am personally attracted the most to and many cucks are are size queens.

Size queens are woman who get more turned on the bigger the cock is and as a cuckold we love these women because they really bring the kink to the extreme. It’s beautiful to see your woman with a bull who can grind and have sensual love but seeing her get fucked out hard by a massive cock that thrusts almost twice the length of the cucks cock is mind blowing. Accepting his woman’s love for huge cock is what makes cuckolds love size queens and makes cuckolds want to support them.

So how can a cock ssipokrt his size queen? It is important as a cuckold the size needs to be for your woman’s pleasure. You have to let her take what she wants and if she reaches a limit respect that. Support her by going down before and after at the speed or pressure she requests. Also be sure to supply your queen with toys so you can know your limits before you get a bull. You can even get a cock sleeve so you can satisfy your woman alone but it’s still good to find a bull who’s masculine in even more ways if possible. Also as a cuck you can massage, wine, dine, and support your queen getting beautiful for the huge cocks she desperately craves. Supporting your woman with her clothes and make up and everything else is a really good way to build up your cuck angst and adds to the foreplay a lot.

It can be really amazing when you look over at your queen and you see a sexual reaction you aren’t capable with your size. As a cuck you should take this angst and embrace it confidently. This allows your weaker penis to build up it’s sexuality as the stronger cock brings your queen to impossible levels. When you reclaim her after the bull leaves you have something you couldn’t have in your vanilla relationship. You have opened a door to a new realm of possibility and you can embrace the new world you’re jumping into because after all that your queen is still by your side and you are still partners first and foremost. She just needs way bigger cocks than you to be satisfied so embrace the fact that size matters and you are going to support your woman taking the biggest and best she can!


  1. Great blog. Recalling the limited times the wife and I have had sex she will ask, “Is it in?” This was and is truely devastating. Realizing my cock is having zero effect on her is one of the most humiliating feelings. My cock is worthless in our marriage. The thing that defines me as a man is poweless to please my woman or likely any woman. It is tough working through these complex emotions. However I have accepted it and frankly everytime she asks I almost cum from that angst alone. Cuckolding makes the most sense.


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