From Stag to Sissy

Welcome to the wonderful world of cuckolding! Today we are going to talk about the cuckold spectrum and this is something I have wanted to talk about for a long time. Cuckolding isn’t one-size-fits-all. Not every cuckold is the same and I hope to shed some light on the different types of cuckold on the spectrum from Stag to Sissy.

It is important to note, these are not hard categories and I am not a sexual or psychological expert. After 10 years of being involved in cuckolding this is the categorization that makes the most sense to me. Some cuckolds may find themselves in different categories depending on their mood or their partner, some cuckolds may be comfortable in only one role forever. The important thing is to be honest and open with your partner and communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!

Cuckolding is a BDSM relationship in that it relies on power and control. There is a domination and submission aspect and depending on how much you want to dominate or submit sexually will determine what kind of cuckold you will be. Typically the Bull is the most dominant member who dominates the Cuckoldress so she can reach the peak of her sexual potential. However the Cuckoldress can take on a more dominant role to extract her pleasure from her hung bull and use his throbbing member for her own satisfaction. The cuckold is submissive to these two and this is the spectrum for how submissive they are.

Stag: A stag is the least submissive version of a cuckold. He lets his Cuckoldress take other men to bed with her but he does not submit to either of them. He is involved with the sex and it is basically a MMF threesome for the most part. The stag does not seek out other women but allows his woman the freedom to maximize her sexual potential. Typically size isnt an issue for stags and they can hang with the bull. There may be no submission from the stag to the Bull and the main focus will be both of them fucking the Cuckoldress to satisfaction. The stag doesnt reclaim his woman as he never gave her up to another man but just share her. Stags may use toys on his woman and cock rings on himself.

Cuck: A cuck is next on the list and he is submissive to the Bull and Cuckoldress and typically he only watches. He is most likely about average for his penis size and cannot bring his Cuckoldress to the next level of orgasm. He wants to see his woman take a huge cock and gets off on the pleasure she is being provided from someone else. He will watch his woman to completion and he loves to be involved without humiliation. He likes hearing how big the other man’s cock is but not so much how small he is. When he reclaims his woman after she is satisfied by her bulls the cuckold will now get his turn to have sex with his woman and he delights in feeling her freshly fucked pussy and how wet and swollen it is from a much bigger cock. The cuckold loves using toys on his woman and will gladly wear a chastity cage but enjoys the release.

Beta: A beta is like a cuckold except he seeks out and enjoys the humiliation. The beta almost always has a small penis and most likely has trouble even getting his woman to orgasm. He knows the only way to make his woman sexually satisfied is to allow her to be free to sexually satisfy herself. The beta gets off on knowing he is not enough for his woman, he accepts that the Cuckoldress needs hung Bulls to be happy and he loves it. The more cock she needs the more the beta realizes he is not enough for queen. He likes hearing about how small he is and the humiliation gets turned on for the beta. When he reclaims his woman he will focus on cleaning up his woman’s well fucked pussy and he willingly cleans out the other mans cum as her pussy is pulsating from the orgasm. The beta loves to wear a chastity cage and can even cum inside the cage so she doesn’t have to unlock it. He gets more pleasure from seeing his woman with another man than he does when he gets lucky enough for sex. He will submit to his woman’s requests even if it means cleaning off her lovers.

Sissy: The sissy is the most submissive form of cuckold. The sissy tries to dive deeper into humilation, loves being locked up more than having his cock cage out, and has really embraced his feminine side. Sissies almost always have really small penises, possibly even calling it a clitty. Sissies would willingly suck the Bull’s cock and bend over for him if that is what the Cuckoldress requested. The sissy loves getting dressed up in girls clothes and even embraces being pussy free so his Cuckoldress doesn’t need to waste time with his penis. The sissy completely submits to his woman and when he reclaims her he may not even be allowed out of his cage let alone to cum. The sissy likes that he is so much weaker than the strong masculine bull and the sissy loves using any toys his woman desires. The sissy cuckold embraces submission to the maximum.

While it seems like these are completely different things they are all cuckolds. They all enjoy their woman getting pleasure from another man and most men are not static. You can go from stag to sissy and back again in one day with the right Cuckoldress or you may find you like things a certain way. You may find the Cuckoldress really likes a certain dynamic and want to do that everyday. The key is to experiment and communicate with your partner to reach your maximum sexual potential.

No matter where you are on the cuckold spectrum, be proud of it and embrace your sexuality. Be confident and honest with your partner about what you like and try new things, make mistakes, get dirty, stay safe, and always have fun!

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