Its Not That Hard

Oh no not again. God why is this happening to me? I am super horny. I haven’t jerked off in almost a week and I have been eating healthy. I took my pill and primed myself up by watching porn but I can’t keep it up! I can keep it rock hard when I’m watching interracial porn though. I have no problem keeping my dick rock hard while I’m watching big black cock destroy white girls so why cant I keep it up while I am inside of my woman’s pussy? That’s it I just need to think about BBC to stay up. Crap its not working. I keep thinking about big black cock fucking my woman. I think about how much bigger he is and how he wouldn’t leave her feeling empty as I do now. I think about how small and weak my white boi dick is and how big and dominant that block cock is. Almost hard its helping a little bit but I keep feeling how empty my woman’s pussy is. She is riding me so well and I am so horny but its barely staying up. Just hold on little guy she’s really grinding now. Just a little longer so she can cum.

FUCK! I slipped out. My cock wasn’t big enough to deal with her thrusting and it slipped out. Without the pussy around my cock I feel it go limp. No no NO I want this, I am horny, I am turned on, I am straight, I want to make my woman cum. She says my cock size doesn’t matter and she’s happy with my size but why can’t I stay hard?!?

Most cuckolds have probably been here before. The performance anxiety, the shame, the humiliation from not being hard for your women even when your balls deep in her. This feeling can take over your mind and make you feel worthless and like less of a man and provider for your woman. This is supposed to be the most basic thing a man can do, get hard for his woman, and you’re having trouble with it.

First off let me just tell you it’s okay. This even happens with Bulls sometimes and life isn’t a porno. Most women are very understanding to this. They understand you don’t choose your erections and the love of foreplay can just make losing your erection a change of pace while love making not the end of the night.

However some women will feel a certain type of way about this, especially if you don’t communicate. Women can be made to feel like they aren’t worthwhile and that you’re not attracted to them so its important to communicate with your woman you have some performance anxiety. If you don’t talk about it it will be in the back of your head and pester you the whole time so sit down with your partner and talk so you both understand it.

There are a few things you can do for your erection. Smoking and drinking and eating junk foods with lots of additives hurts your circulation and makes it hard for your body to create an erection so first things first be healthy. Next you should try holding off from cumming. You can still play with yourself but in my younger years I realized I was having such a hard time keeping it up because I would jerk off 2 or 3 times before date. This obviously drained some of my sexual energy and I would recommend at least don’t cum the same day you’re preparing sex.

The next thing you can try is wearing a cock ring and chastity cage. The cock ring will help keep your erection hard by not letting blood flow out of it and there are elastic and metal and every type of cock ring out there so experiment and figure out what works best for you. I do recommend shaving first so you don’t pull any hairs out if you need to take it off in a hurry. While the cock rings keep you hard the chastity cage really helps heighten sexuality. I will make a post dedicated to chastity in the future because its such an interesting topic for cuckolds but basically the restriction it puts on your erection makes it increasingly more sensitive and makes it very easy to stay up. I have never gone soft until after orgasm if I started wearing my cage, and having your partner slowly unlock and take your cage off, magical.

Now all that might work to get keep you erect here and there but there is one thing that we haven’t talked about yet. Admit you are a cuckold. It is very important to admit you are a cuckold to your partner but this needs to be handled with grace. If they get wind of it and are horrified and give you a hard no its probably time to look for a new relationship. Oh you’ve been married 25 years and have kids? Sorry she might not be the woman for you. This might sound cold but I have no sentimentality for anyone else’s relationship. If my blog post convinces you to go so far as to have a divorce the relationship was already breaking down and I am happy to help with its final destruction. If however your relationship means a lot and you don’t need cuckolding in your life by all means try to make it work, its your life.

However, before admitting to your partner you’re a cuckold, you have to admit it to yourself. You have to admit that the real reason you have trouble staying up is because you don’t want to fuck her. This isn’t because you don’t love her or aren’t attracted to her, quite the opposite. Because you are so attracted to her and love her so much and want her happiness so much you are willing to deny yourself her sexy body so a more well hung man can do the job. You love her so much you don’t want to hold anything back from her and that’s why you want a strong man with a big hard cock to fill her up with ecstasy rather than the disappointingly empty performance you always give her.

You feel yourself slide out when you’re inside your woman. You feel how wet her pussy is and how your cock isn’t big enough for her to grip it. You feel her pussy begging and aching for more cock as your balls deep and you know its not enough. Your girl is barely making any sounds and she’ll probably have to finger herself so she can cum because your cock can’t do it.

As a cuckold this is where you need to step up. You do not need to go right to bringing in a 12 inch big black mandingo cock for her to fuck. You can start by spending a lot of time going down on her to understand her pussy. Then you can buy toys bigger than yourself and see what the perfect size for her is. Always remember a woman can take more cock than she can toy because the meat of a hung man is much more willingly accepted by the pussy than silicone or plastic. Next you can get a cock sleeve that increases your length and girl and allows you to fuck your woman with no anxiety. If you can get to this point cuckolding is the next logical step by going through this process you need to be communicating to let your partner know what you like and to learn from them. After all the whole allure of the cuckold relationship is making your woman happy and the only way to know what she specifically likes is to talk to her. If she says your cock is perfect or she doesn’t need or want anything else ask her if she would like it if you were just an inch bigger, you’ll see her pause when she realizes oh yeah that would be better and you can keep going up from that until you reach her limit.

By letting admitting you like cuckolding yourself and to your partner it can reduce the performance anxiety. If you are getting hard watching porn but not during sex as a cuckold the physical methods I discussed may help some but they will never be enough. If you really want to stay hard for your woman, allow her the freedom to take a huge cock and be there to support her. You’ll find yourself not able to control your rock hard erection once your wife is gagging on a cock twice your size and looking at you. This is what true love looks like for cuckolds, and I hope all you find it.

Fuck I slipped out I hope she’s not mad at me. She looks at me with a devilish smile and says “You want something else don’t you?” You nod as you look into her eyes that are lighting up as she gazes into your soul. She gets off you, tells you to stay where you are and not move. She sends a text on her phone and goes down between your legs. She teases and caresses your penis lightly and starts to just barely kiss it. You feel yourself start to rise as she plays with it but then it slowly gets flaccid again. You look down and see your woman happily playing with your soft penis, then you hear a knock on the door.

Your woman jumps up in excitement to the door. She remains naked, goes to answer it and comes back in with her lover Jamal. He’s huge and black and you know from past experience he’s well hung. You see your beautiful girlfriend kiss him and wrap her arms and legs around his big strong muscular black body. You feel your limp penis twitch and think to yourself “fuck this is so good” right as she starts to unzip his pants. She gets on her knees and pulls out his big black cock from his boxers and looks on in amazement. She is looking at that cock like its a challenge to fuck and she looks over at you. She starts to see your penis starting to rise and she laughs to herself as she starts to suck it.

She is gagging, choking, sloppily sucking that big black cock thats almost 3 times your size. She never looks like this when she sucks your cock, on the rare occasion she does. The more she sucks that cock the harder your penis gets. You feel the shame that you couldn’t get hard with your woman’s pussy but you’re getting rock hard watching her suck another man, especially a big black man. Thinking about that gives your cock a nice little tinge again as you’re fully erect and you let out a moan. Your woman comes out of her cock sucking trance and looks at you. For a second it seems as if she almost forgot you were there. In a split second reality comes racing back to her and she sees your hard cock. She gives an evil grin as her pussy starts to get even wetter being watched as she takes a truly perfect cock. As she gazes at you with deep passion she says “See that wasn’t that hard” and she goes back to sucking that black cock. You don’t know if your cock will get any attention from her tonight but at this point you don’t care. Stroking to her sucking this cock would be better than sex at this point. You are a cuckold, and your woman loves it.

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  1. “FUCK! I slipped out.” Been there, done that, probably should get the the t-shirt! Major issue for me and it is interesting, based on this blog and others that it is common issues. How humiliating and pathetic to consistently not be able to even complete the inmate act, setting aside the issues of being so small that it is not satisfying if I could complete the job. My issues with sexual performance are many and devastating to me but I am just now coming to terms with now difficult they must be for the wife. She must rightly think there is something wrong with her such that I am so inadequate and limp. She deserves sexual satisfaction, whatever that looks like and feels like. My sexual satisfaction has always been seeing her happy, her climax and her happy. Getting us both into the Cuckolding space is key. Thank you for another great blog!


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