The Masculine Cuckold

Come on another set, there is a beast inside of you if you let it out, hit it… 8, 9, 10 done. You’re sweaty, you’re muscles are pumped, you have just finished a great work out. You look in the mirror and admire yourself. You appreciate how you look but you know your journey isn’t over, it never is. You grab your phone and keys and make your way to the locker room and get in the shower. You feel the hot water on your skin and your sore muscles start to heal themselves. You start to wash all the sweat and musk of your strong body. It was a good lift and you’re dirty and spent. You try to lift your arms to wash your hair but it hurts to raise your arms above your head from the lifting. You feel the pain of growth being soothed by the steamy water beating at your shoulders and lather your scalp. Your whole body aches but in a good way and you finish washing your body. You dress yourself for work. You consider your work clothes your uniform. Everything is prepared best and tidy in your gym back from the night before and you get dressed, buttoning up your shirt, clamping your belt around your waist, straightening out your shirt, and finally strapping on your boots. You go to the mirror to tend to your hair and any blemishes and you finally stop to look back at yourself. You look good, you feel good, you are ready to work. You snap a picture for your partner and you send it to her asking what she thinks. She responds “You look so sexy baby, I can’t wait for you to hold me in your arms, and I’ll have a creampie waiting for you ;)” and you feel your testosterone rise, you feel the beast inside of you rumble and you tame your animalism, for you know you will be ferocious later. Now is the time to get things done, now is the time for production and as a professional you are ready. You simply text back “Can’t wait” and you’re off to work.

When most people think of cuckolding they think it must be a submissive man. Obviously he must be weak he can’t even fuck his girl right and needs other men to do the job, he watches while his woman takes another man to bed and he stays locked in chastity or eats her creampie, he must not be manly right?

Wrong. I’m a cuckold. I work out and am very fit. I’ve got a nice 6 inch relatively thick cock and I’ve made many women cum from vanilla sex I have a good job, a handsome face, and a charming personality. I get in moods where I want to take my woman bend her over, rip off her clothes, and aggressively fuck her until I just my fat load inside of her. And I’m a cuckold.

Sure there are cuckolds who are very submissive and beta but cuckolding is first a relationship between two people. There has to be the foundation for a real connection and cuckolding becomes a part of that. If cuckolding is the focus it’s just a fantasy and it can be a very unhealthy relationship, you might want to stick to porn. I plan to make another post specifically about the difference between porn and reality but for now I’ll say the relationship is like that of Braveheart to warfare. The costumes are made up, the events are exaggerated, it’s all scripted, and you never hear about how William Wallace and Robert the Bruce organzie the logistics to make sure all soldiers are fed and they don’t contaminate their drinking water with piss and shit. Much the same way porn cuckolding doesn’t take the individual dates, living together, buying groceries, family events, and the platonic things we find to love about each other into the studio.  The reality is you have this relationship first and cuckolding is a part of it.

So with that being said I’m sure you’re thinking, well what could make cuckolding masculine in reality? I’m here to tell you. First and foremost this is about fulfilling your partner. Just having another man fuck your wife is no different than using a dildo on her in that respect. It’s just sex and people into hotwifing basically keep it there.

A cuckold actually enjoy watching his woman get pleasure and embraces a level of denial in the dynamic. As a man I think patience is a virtue, waiting until you see the whites of their eyes to attack, slowly hammering a sword from molten iron, wanting to ravage his woman and rip off her clothes in front of everyone but instead politely pulling out the chair at dinner. There is a beast made of testosterone and hunger inside of men. It’s the reason you’ve heard men want to kill, fuck, or eat every living thing they see. Taming that beast is the art of the man. Turning the wolf into the Sheppard is what separates men from beasts.

With that in mind, cuckolding is the peak of taming this beast. To see your woman embracing a man who had already let the beast out, to see both of them engaged in an animalistic entanglement and to hold back your own wild side is the maximum of self control and is an impressive show of strength.

But why hold back? Why not just take her right there and join in? This is where the magic of cuckolding happens. The cuckold doesn’t take her because the focus isn’t on his sexuality or the bulls, it’s on the woman’s. There are times when a woman will want her cuckold to join to verying degrees but for a man to give his woman the freedom to have a hung black lover send her to the stratosphere, and to sit there and watch and appreciate her passion and pleasure, is the ultimate sign of trust and confidence.

The cuckold trusts his cuckoldress will come back to him. The cuckold trusts that while she is riding on a 10 inch thick meaty black cock that never slips out of her, that she will be thinking of him. The cuckold trusts that when the cuckoldress has a moment of clarity in her ecstacy that she will be looking for his gaze. The cuckold trusts that once his woman’s pussy is well fucked and swollen and dripping with cum that she will want him to make love to her pussy with his mouth while she tells him all about how much fun she had with her bull.

The cuckold has this trust because he is confident. He is confident that a bigger dick isn’t going to be enough to break the connection he has with his partner. He is confident when his cuckoldress goes on the hunt for a bull she wants the cuck to be a part of it. He is confident when she is sucking that 10 inch black cock that she will be thinking of her cuck. He is confident that if she is with her bull while the cuck is at work that she will send pictures to her cuck because she values his pleasure. He is confident that once her pussy is well fucked and cream pied that she will want her cuckolds mouth making passionate sweet love to her and he is confident he is able to give her that ecstacy.

How can the cuck have this much confidence? I believe there are 2 things, admitting it and dealing with it.

Admitting you are a cuckold isn’t as easy as it sounds. You might hate the negative aspects you see in porn, don’t want to ruin your vanilla relationship, or just don’t want to be judged by society. My advice is really look into yourself and see if this is just a fantasy or something you could actually do and to do that you need to not just admit it to yourself but your partner. You need to have a respectful conversation about what you and your partner like and what aspects turn you on and off so this shouldn’t be just throwing your kinks at your partner and asking them if they like. If you’re doing that it’s probably just a fantasy and stick to porn. The conversation has to be about boundaries and explaining the why and love involved with cuckolding and it won’t be done in one sitting. Be prepared to move slowly and remember, you don’t want a woman to cheat for you. You want your cuckoldress to bed the men she wants and you are her support. The ball is in her court and maybe it will take a couple years before she actually finds the right bull and is comfortable or maybe she wants a line up of 5 in one night but it’s at her discretion for her safety and for her sexual satisfaction.

Dealing with being a cuckold is the easy part once you have admitted it to yourself and to your partner so if you get here it should be smooth sailing. You don’t need to deal with self doubt at this point. You know what you want and your partner does to and now you can both work on that stuff in the bedroom so now you have to deal with being a cuckold in everyday life. I think this is very personal so I will tell you how I deal with it and hope that helps.

I deal with being a cuckold by really embracing it in all aspects of my life especially in self improvement. It is the thing that gives me the most pleasure so by making that my target I find clarity in the direction I want to take my life. I work out daily, not so I’m the strongest man, but so I can stay healthy and fit and keep up with my cuckoldress. I want her to be turned on by my body whether I’m wearing nothing but my cage or jeans and a t-shirt. I like to do traditionally male things like take out the trash, mow the lawn, get the baseball bat to check downstairs for creepy noises in the middle of the night. I also like to do some of the traditional feminine things like doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or folding some laundry. I do these things not with any force or submission behind them, I do them for the simple fact my partner appreciates it. The gratitude I get from providing for my partner is personally what I love most about being in a relationship. I’ll go to the store to buy her favorite make up or if she needs tampons or just to surprise her with flowers and other gifts, not because I am submissive to her or in a toxic findom situation, but because we are partners and I genuinely want to better my partner’s life in anyway I can and getting the appreciation after is exactly what validates that inside of me. I work a good job and do overtime and really put my all into my work projects because my woman would appreciate a strong successful hardworking man. In dealing with being a cuckold I find I want to be more of a man.

I hope this helps all the cuckolds out their struggling with accepting it and figuring out how they can still be a man in this lifestyle. I’m here to tell you there honestly isn’t anything manlier. You can confidently be the man in your cuckold relationship. You can have a healthy, committed, long term relationship if you admit you are a cuckold and deal with it in a healthy way. Your cuckoldress will love you for it.

You are squirming in your cage as you speed home down the free way. You’ve just finished a long day of work and your wife told you 2 hours ago she was fucking her bull. She said today she brought over Justin, he’s a black man, light skinned with no facial hair but long dark dreads. He’s very athletic and well hung based on the pictures your wife already sent you. His big black cock was pressed right up against her face and was longer than her chin to hairline. She texted “I can’t wait till my hardworking man gets home” with the picture as you see her look amazed and tuned on by the cock. You press deeper on the pedal as your cock pressed harder on your chastity cage. You feel your erection build up as it tightens your cage and the pain, much like the sore muscle pain, gives you a sense of pleasure because you know what it’s building to. You just hope you get there soon, you love the cream pie fresh and they’ve already been at it for 2 hours.

You arrive home and see Justin’s Mustang still in the drive way. “Yes” you think to yourself. You come in the house and see Justin buttoning up his shirt as he’s about to leave. “Have a good time?” You ask as you meet each other’s eyes and grin at each other. “Hell yeah man, she was amazing, she took some video she said she wanted to save for you so you didn’t crash the car” he responds as he begins to laugh. “Well maybe this weekend when I can be the cameraman and we’ll shoot a sequel?” you say back as he starts to leave. He smiles and simply says “No doubt” as he puts his fist out and you bump knuckles before he leaves.

You race up the stairs and into your bedroom and see your wife lying there looking so beautiful. Her hair is a mess, she is covered in a layer of sweat, she has a few red marks that almost look like hands on her waist and legs, and her fact looks exhausted but satisfied. She sees you and instantly lights up. “Baby! Perfect timing I’m all ready for you!” She says as you notice she has a pillow under her waist keeping her hips elevated. You can’t hold back any longer. The beast within you unleashes itself in raw animal emotion and without saying a word you dive into your wife’s legs. They spread as soon as she sees you diving in and her mouth slightly opens. When your mouth embraces her well fucked pussy and you taste the warm thick cum filling her swollen hole you hear her gasp. There is something about this gasp that triggers every erotic nerve ending in your body. She never makes that sound with her bulls, she makes other sounds for them but this subtle loving and honest sound she makes almost involuntarily is just for you. In that sound you hear the appreciate and love she has for you as she affirms it by starting to say ”Yes, yes, yes, I love you baby” and then moaning. You feel more like a man than you ever have in your life, and this is just the foreplay.

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