Steel Restraint

My mind has a break from work, a subtle reminder of the cage around my member flutters past the back of my mind and I subtly move my hips. I feel my cage lightly rock and the dangle of the padlock hit the metal bars encapsulating my cock.

It grows.

I feel myself swelling flush as my heart starts to beat faster and my eyes lose focus of my surroundings and I have a soft drift off bliss I allow myself.

I breathe.

I look at my inbox and see everything is read, nothing more to do for the day until I get another email. I shut the laptop.

I take off my pants and leave in only my briefs. I can look down and see the metal bars bulging out. I can feel my cock fattening up and the strain starting to slowly build down my hips and legs and into the bottom of my abs.

I brush the bar. The soft touch targets the sensitivity and I ache. I can feel my heartbeat in my cock now. The thud over and over again makes a small vibration in the metal bars. The tightness under my balls and the weight of the cage cause a strain of agony and pleasure to run through my hips and up through my chest.

I remove my pants and feel the dangle of the padlock feeds my raw passion as I start to caress my cage lightly. When I touch the cage it’s surprisingly tactile. It feels like a part of my cock. The light brush keeps me hard and swollen bit the aching turns to pleasure and my balls starts to fill and swell.

I put on my slideshow. It’s a collection of erotic porn I find the most beautiful and artistic. It’s all beautiful white women with hung black bulls. I watch and ache through my cock as I imagine having my perfect queen of spades and getting to witness her sexual liberation. Being able to see her transformation from my lovable wife that I buy groceries with and talk about movies and philosophy and have this deep intellectual experience, into a wild vixen with no thought but animal hunger for huge cock that drives our emotional and intimate partnership. To the maximum.

I see my favorite pictures normally 1 on 1 hung dark muscular man with a huge cock and a buxom blonde bombshell caught in a moment of mutual admiration for each other. Sprinkled in with this is women of every shape and color and size giving me a deep appreciation for the female form, the one constant they are all in ecstacy of the power of the big black cock. It’s sexual prowess dominating women in a way I can’t do with my 6 inches, which are locked away so my wife can focus on that.

I brush the metal bars again. I ache in the desire to have a cuckold wife, but relish in the fact of my acceptance. I see a big cream pie on the slideshow. I moan a bit and feel myself ache. More than anything I want to be there in that moment, when the bull leaves and my woman is satisfied, that is where I want to come over and taste her. I want to spend my time focusing on her pussy and really using the circular and pressure she personally likes as I taste from the source what I call “The Nectar of the Gods” that beautiful mix of my wife’s potent juices mixed with the strong load from the bull. That raw passion of her swollen pussy and clit and all that orgasmic bliss.

Her desire to have me, no matter how big and strong and powerfully the bull fucks her, makes me feel like the most wanted and valued man in the world. I willingly, and happily devote my sexuality to hers and in doing so give her the key to my chastity cage. I let her decide when she wants to unleash my cock from behind it’s bars but until then it builds more and more making even the slightest brush on my metal bars even more passionate and erotic than being balls deep in vanilla pussy.

I get an email. I’ll have to let this build again. No release, not yet. Not until I find the woman who lights up when I give her that key. For that, I can wait.

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