Piquing Her Interest

Dedicated to my Voracious Vixen

For all the women out there, this lifestyle can seem daunting at first. The idea is scary, taboo, and confusing. If your man expressed his interest in cuckolding, I want to help show you the side porn doesn’t show.

He loves you. First and foremost he loves and respects and values you. That’s why he’s bringing this fantasy up to you. In his mind you are a goddess worthy of admiration and devotion. He finds you wildly attractive and never more so then when he sees you in ecstacy. Seeing you in this bliss, is his addiction.

This is exactly why he wants you to be with other, more well hung and sexually powerful men who can do things to you he cannot do alone. He wants you to find a passionate bull that makes you feel weak in his embrace. He wants you to feel the passion of a sex god himself being aroused and turned on by your presence. He wants the most erotic people on the planet to see you as the object of every lust and desire because that’s how he sees you.

He wants to see how another man’s smile can make you blush, how other hands can make your head tilt back, how those hands touching your womanhood makes you gasp in pleasure, and how when you take out another man’s huge powerful cock you stare at it in hunger biting your lip. All this you do in a way you never do for your man, not because you don’t love his as much, but because this is different. This is raw lust and passion. With the bull you are having sex, but when you glance over and see your man attentively watching you are making love.

All this your man wants to watch and see the orchestra come together on the stage before him. When you watch a play the best seat in the house isn’t on stage. You have to step back from the art happening before you to appreciate the act in full. In the same way your man wants to watch attentively from the best seat in the house and be able to take in the complete performance. He wants to see the passion and to see you fully in character breaking through any limits on your sexuality and climaxing for yourself.

By watching your passions flare and not restricting your sexuality to him your man gets to show you the appreciation you deserve. This in turn gives him more pleasure as he sees things impossible with him alone, and by remaining loyal to you and your sexuality over his own he shows true devotion.

He wants to devote himself to your sexuality because it is more powerful than his own. Your raw feminine sexuality has so much more range than his sexuality. Men’s sexuality is very basic and simple let’s be honest. Men get horny hump and dump to over simplify but that’s pretty much it. Once we orgasm it’s hard to get any more sexuality for at least a few hours. Women on the other hand, you can get turned on by the scent of a man, can feel yourself get wet at the soft kiss, at a passionate embrace, and have multiple back to back orgasms from the clit, penetration, or both. By letting you fully explore the bounds of your sexuality, your man can truly fulfill his need to honor you.

The reason he wants you to explore this with another man is so you can maximize your lust with the object of your true desire. You can be treated like a slut and have a man use your holes and surrender to his raw power. You can have strong hung black men grinding on you at the club and feel good about yourself. You can feel proud and sexy and exhilarated knowing your man loves that you can freely let this side of you go.

And once your done having fun, you’re laying down hair and pussy a complete mess and your brain flickering back to reality, he wants to be there. He wants to embrace you and kiss and hold and this is when he wants to have you. He wants to be committed to you from the first act to the third. This is when he wants to be on stage for the final act and this is how he shows you his true love.

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