The Beast Within

We all hunger for lust and desire. We have urges that take hold and make us feel like they are moving us more than our mind. This primal thirst for more and more is never quenched, only temporarily put at bay until we feel it building inside of us calling out for the embrace of another.

Cuckolding starts with someone that you love but once you have the love you can really play with the lust. Most men grow up in a society that tells you to bed the most women and you’ll be a “real man” a “player” and looked up to by the other men. Men are horny and want to maximize their sexuality by fucking as many girls with the best pussies as possible. Women in this society are told to protect their sexuality from this aggressive attack and if they don’t they are a “slut” or “whore” and looked down on by others. The man’s sexual lust and insatiability is rewarded and the woman’s is demonized.

As a cuckold I want to flip this script on it’s head. I want to be the man to rescue a woman from this dynamic and show her that her sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. I want my woman to be free to take her sexuality and her insatiability and be proud to be a slut. I want to support my woman explore any part of her sexuality and feed any craving she has, the naughtier the better.

A huge part of being a cuckold is serving your woman’s satisfaction. This is why I want to be there for the little things like helping with laundry, getting the door for her, or surprising her at lunch with her favorite iced tea, and I also love to help with the dirty nasty side of things. If she has never been with a woman and always found that taboo I want to support her finding a woman to passionately embrace. Any taboo I want to help her break, anything she’s told she can’t have by society, I want to provide for her.

One taboo almost universal among the women I’ve dated is they shouldn’t date black men. They are told they can’t have it and that men won’t want them after or some other dumb racist bullshit. Fuck that. I want my woman to have the man of her dark desire. I want her to embrace his erotic ebony erection and know that I support her the whole time. I want to be right there as she feeds that beast inside of herself and begs for more. I want her to be stretched out by a cock twice my size as she begs for his big black cock and I want to be lusted after to clean up her mess.

I want to satisfy my woman emotionally and sexually. I want her to know I’m not coming up with this fantasy to find an underhanded way to get with a different woman. I am not into swinging. I want to show my true devotion to her by laughing in the face of society and holding back my sexual appetite, caging the beast and controlling him. I want her to know I am willing to do anything to feed her sexual desires and do them willingly. I will cage my beast and build up my hunger to the point where I’m salivating watching her orgasm again again on that big black cock that penetrates her and stretches her to the maximum. The whole time I’m right there, supportive, embracing, and turned on to another level.

I want her to know feeling her sexuality is my kink and satiating her desires brings me happiness. I want her to know I am devoted completely to her and that’s why I want her to shatter any social norms that say she can’t have what she wants. I want her to take her hung black lover and beg him to fill her pussy with his hot load. After he’s done her pussy is sore, swollen, and filled with cum. When she looks at me I see in her eyes she wants me to lovingly and passionately massage her womanhood with a loving kiss and I can’t help but lock on to her sexuality.

Devoting myself that much to my woman’s desires fills me with not just lust, but compassion and love. After all that she still wants me to embrace her, to have my head between her messy thighs, and to have my cock be completely hers.

Devoting myself to her sexuality as I hold back my own also builds my sexual hunger. It takes the dog inside of me going around humping everyones leg and transforms him into a ferocious beast of a wolf transfixed on taking down the doe in heat.

Watching my woman take her hung bull is like putting a steak just out of reach of the caged wolf. It builds me up and builds me up until I can’t think I can only feel and react to my woman.

This is when she wants me. This is when she finally unleashes my beast from his cage and welcomes me devouring her. This is the moment of pure bliss where there is no thought just emotion and sensation. This is only for my wife and I. This moment, is what cuckolding is all about.

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