That Look

All cuckolds crave that look. The look of a woman expressing true sexual craving. The look when she can’t help but widen her eyes and bite her lip or drop her jaw. This look shows the cuckold how happy his wife can be. This look fuels cuck angst.

The one thing about this look is you don’t get it from a vanilla relationship. If you see the same things every day you start to forget how special they are and it becomes boring. This is how most women see their man’s dick. It might have been nice the first time but after awhile it’s just a penis. This doesn’t mean you don’t love and get turned on by the other person, just that you’re unwrapping your present and already know what’s inside.

By cuckolding I allow my woman to always be free to open a new present. I get to see my woman’s complete journey from seeing a hot guy she wanted to be her bull and picking him out, flirting with him as I give her my card to buy some drinks, and eventually when the sexual tension builds too much she invited him back to our place for some fun.

Seeing her turned on at all these points is a major turn on. Watching her laugh and have a good time with her bull builds my angst as I stay focused on her reactions and she always looks to me to share in this blissful state she finds herself in. This all is such a tease and makes me ache so hard to see her happy and then it happens and you see that look.

She is a little tipsy, she is blushing because he’s this hot strong black man and she’s this soft southern belle. She has been looking at me all night and her horny eyes have captivated me the whole night. In every action she does she is always aware of my gaze which makes her feel even sexier, even more wanted, even more empowered than she already feels from exciting the raw sexuality of the bull himself.

She puts her purse down as she starts to kiss him through the door and as they make their way to the bedroom I follow attentively behind. As she kisses him I help her out of her jacket and neatly hang it up while she starts at the bulls belt. She gets down on her knees, her heart is racing as she feels the brush of his bulge and knows it’s big. She unbutton and unzips his pants and slowly starts to bring them down. As she bring his pants down his hung thick dark cock flops out and she gives that look. She is amazed by how big it is. She feels how heavy it is and the weight of this big black cock makes her surrender to it’s strength. She is lost in ecstacy as she feels herself hypnotized by his impressive manhood and she willingly and hungrily opens her mouth embracing his cock and feeling that satisfaction that she made a good choice.

While she is lost in her lust with her bull I get to see everything she misses being in the heat of the moment. I get to see her pupils dilate, her mouth start to water, those soft sighs she makes as she’s getting his pants down, her swaying back and forth in front of it just magnetically being drawn to that cock. I get to see her have a raw and primal new sexual experience that surprises her every time.

She gets to completely focus on her satisfaction and know when she takes a breather and starts to think in the cloud of lust that I’m there with her. I’m her to protect and support her and make sure the night is completely perfect and she knows she has my unconditional devotion. She knows even though she’s doing something society considers taboo that she has her partner by her side.

I love this look because it’s a look she doesn’t show me. It’s a look of raw passion. It lacks the intellectual and emotional components that you have with a partner. The difference between how she looks at me and her bull is like the difference between how she looks at garlic broccoli (her favorite vegetable) and mint chocolate chip ice cream (her favorite dessert). I know and she knows she can’t have dessert all day everyday but I would be cruel to keep something she craves so much away from her.

By supporting her having this treat I get to see a real happiness and satisfaction that I see as extremely healthy for a relationship. I also get to see her satisfy her craving and because I trust her so much, that sense of fear she might leave me is replaced with cuckold angst. This angst has me on edge and makes my own sexuality build and build watching my woman go wild until the bull leaves and it’s just the two of us.

Once we are alone and she craves and desires me it takes that cuckold angst that was built up by the dam of voyeurism and breaks it down with a flood of energy that is so potent there is no separation between love and lust. This huge wave of emotion washes away any insecurities or fears and it makes the ground fertile for both partners to grow.

This is why I love “That Look” and I want all cuckolds to embrace their woman looking like that at another man. By embracing and appreciating that side of her you don’t repress and denigrate it. You will me her confident and powerful and sexy as hell and after all, isn’t that what a man is supposed to do for his woman?

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