Vanilla with Sprinkles

“Lock the door and don’t be loud” she says as she starts to remove her shirt. You follow her instruction and lock the door behind the 2 of you. You hear the kids playing video games together and you both know they will be busy for awhile. When she pulls the shirt over her head you see her golden locks fall down her back into her pale and lightly freckled skin. As you continue your gaze down her body you see her voluptuous bottom covered in gray sweat pants. They hug her curves so tight and as you see her start to bend over and drop her pants you realize your biting your lip.

She crawls onto the bed as you instinctively remove your shirt, the whole time you can’t take your eyes away from her thick thighs and arched back. As you throw your shirt to the floor she gets to the end of the bed and flips over on her back revealing her warm bosom and tantalizing smile. She’s also biting her lip as she stares at you in her cute librarian glasses.

“BOOYA TO YOUR GRANDMA!” You both loudly hear from the other room. At first you’re both startled and you look over to the door to make sure you’re not being interrupted right as you start to unbutton your pants. You both realize this is the kids playing video games and you look away from the door to each other’s face and start laughing.

That real raw smile twinkles as she stares at you completely content with life. She loves you and you can see it plain as day on her face and you hope she sees it on yours. “Take off those pants and get in bed!” She exclaims half in laughter half in lust. You finish removing your pants, get onto the bed, and feel an electric sensation of sexuality just from the simple touch of her skin. You kiss and start to laugh as you hear the kids shit talking online and start to fall into bliss under the covers…

I had a follower recently tell me he was afraid to bring up his interest in cuckolding to his wife. He was basically worried that if they indulged in the fantasy that they would never be able to enjoy vanilla sex again. I am happy to tell him and anyone in the same circumstance that he is dead wrong.

Cuckolding doesn’t take away anything from your love life, it only adds to it. You will always have your relationship, your life together, the times you make each other laugh, the times you make each other think. These don’t go away with cuckolding. The support and love a couple shares is supplemented by cuckolding because it’s the cuckolds ultimate expression of love and trust. The cuckold wants his wife to have all of the spectrum of sexuality at her finger tips and that includes raw fucking as much as it includes passionate love making. Because of this I can almost guarantee your wife will WANT the vanilla sex from time to time and to be honest most women will want it more often.

I love seeing a sexy wife really embrace her slutty side. I love to see real couples with their face blurred out as the wife talks to the cuckold cameraman about how much fun she is having. I love to see these couples Twitter accounts explode with sexual deviance and shattering of taboos. Maybe these couples are always like this and it really is like living with a porn star. Nothing but love if that’s how it is.

But… I would be willing to bet for most of them there is the same day to day as every other relationship. I’m sure most of the women still love being held from behind as they cook breakfast, enjoy feeling her husband become erect in his pants while he grinds behind her, and would love to just lay their man back and suck his cock until orgasm. Most women that I’ve spoken to love getting their man off, even if it doesn’t take long. They enjoy having their pussy or mouth loved by their man when they touch his manhood he can’t stop from cumming. They love the slow passion of love making as compared to sex and they can find sensual eroticism on the most platonic of things. Bringing a blanket over when her toes are cold, waking up early to make her coffee, helping her wash her hair and back in the shower, these things can be intense to women as men find hypnotic pornos that pull at all their kinks.

By embracing this more sensual side of her sexuality a cuckold can actually make the kinky and taboo even more erotic. By still playing vanilla it allows a good baseline and comparison for the couple when things really heat up. When she feels her husband go balls deep and stay inside of her grinding passionately she can compare that with her bull who’s double the size and stretches her to the maximum. She gets to feel the difference and realize she isn’t missing out on anything and that the man she loves is providing and supporting all of it. She really gets to eat her cake and have it too. She gets to have her man love and connect with her on a deep level and she gets to shoot off into ecstacy with another man.

This brings the two closer if they really are in love. This is because the woman realizes her cuckold is the source for her deepest pleasure. He is the one who gives her the love and compassion and he is the one who makes her feel sexy and wanted and he is the one who gives her all the cocks she wants. He is the one always waiting for her after the bull leaves and she’s a sweaty slutty mess. The cuckold never restricts his woman’s sexual appetite and part of that appetite will always crave the vanilla.

Now you might find the vanilla takes on a different dynamic once you start cuckolding or even just talking about. You both know what the other is thinking and you both know how kinky the other person can be and that adds a bit of flare into the mix and that’s why cuckolding adds to your relationship. This sprinkles your vanilla relationship with kink and after all, who doesn’t love sprinkles? Cuckolding is a relationship first and foremost built on trust and the cuckold always trusts his cuckoldress will always want him no matter how many other flavors or toppings she puts on her sexual sundae.

You both lay in the bed, a light film of sweat on your bodies as you start to catch your breath. That was love making. That was passionate. That was powerful. You find it hard to gather everything that just happened. It wasn’t anything crazy but with her it was hot as hell. All you did was one position until both of you finished but the two of you filled that with a plethora of individual erotic moments. It makes you yearn for her attention and you can’t help but reach over and kiss her.

You feel her smile as she kisses you back and she goes through her own emotional slideshow of the erotic midday fuck. She loves that she was able to make you cum, that you still find her sexy, that you can’t keep your hands or lips off her her, that all she has to do is say lock the door for your cock to stir with excitement. She is your vixen, she is your queen, she is your goddess and when you cum for her she feels admiration in every thrust, devotion in every pump, and worship in every embrace.

She loves that side of you that will do anything for her. She loves that you’re focused on her erotic satisfaction and that she has you wrapped around her finger, and you willingly submit to that. You ache to be wrapped around her finger and for her to devilishly smile when she thinks of all the naughty things she can/will do to you.

She loves you and you love her and even though this might seem vanilla from the outside, she sprinkled in eroticism and kink that makes this special connection the two of you have burst with all the flavors of lust.

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