Sweet Sacrifice

Sacrifice. Sacrifice is at the core of everything that gives us value in this universe. It’s inherently linked to divinity. Buddah sacrificed being a great king to meditate under a tree, Jesus sacrificed his life for his followers, and Islam literally means submission and sacrifice to God. Sacrifice is also at the core of the more mundane values. You sacrifice your time at work for hard earned cash, you sacrifice that hard earned cash for objects if desire, and you sacrifice these objects of desire as gifts to people if you value their happiness. I firmly believe that if you want to find out the meaning of life for yourself, you just have to look inside and figure out what you would honestly sacrifice everything and anything for.

Cuckolding at it’s core is about sacrifice. In the military and sports there is a long tradition of breaking someone down to build them back up. This break down of your old self is the start of the sacrifice to cuckolding. First you have to throw away your default identity. Your past doesn’t go away but any attachment to it does. There is always someone bigger, someone stronger, someone smarter or better looking out there. Whether you are talking about the battlefield or the bedroom, there is always someone more capable of completing the task and this is why you train. You have to throw away and sacrifice all your attachments to ease and comfort. You have to start to see the trials and hardships you are going through as ends in themselves and accept the pain. Sacrifice your old self and your old ideas and find a way to get through the pain.

I suspect this is where most cuckolds start out. They have just sacrificed their manhood, their confidence, their sexual prowess, and they deal with and get through the pain through erotic outlets. This is why there is a big overlap in sissy porn and cuckolding porn. I’m sure there are people who love feminization and whether you want to just wear panties or you really are born in the wrong body and want to change I support you. Everybody love everybody. But that isn’t at the core of cuckolding. Cuckolding is about sacrificing your own pride and the attachment to societal norms and expectations for your woman’s happiness. It’s not just about going through the pain of seeing her with another man who is obviously more sexually capable. It’s about embracing that sacrifice so you can have a stronger relationship and your love for your partner can lead you to more deeply explore the sexual landscape and uncover emotions you didn’t know existed.

Once a cuckold is broken down they can stay like that forever until they get built back up. An amazing cuckoldress can do this but I hope my blog helps.

To build yourself back up you need to realize what you’re sacrificing for. What do you value in life? What would you take a bullet for? I love my country (at least what it strives to be) and I would have fought and died in the American revolution. I love freedom and I gladly would have fought off fascism during the second world war. I love my family, and if I could jump in front of a bullet to save anyone of them I would in a heartbeat.

I say this fully realizing the implications. I have realized I have a bit of a deeper mind than most and it allows me to really explore the psyche others cannot. Maybe it’s an extreme sense of empathy or my wires are messed up but I can meditate into any headspace and I’ve brought myself to tears really thinking about these things and dying for them. For me personally I can’t just accept a default idea as simple as loving your own family without a deep intellectual and emotional dive into every last corner of my psyche.

So the question arises, why would I sacrifice for any of these things? For me I find the most potent and powerful force in my life to be love. When I love something I will sacrifice anything for it and no love do I feel more stronger than a romantic connection to a woman. I truly love the female form, I love women’s mind and emotional range and that orgasmic bliss women can get into captivates me like a symphony of desire. I would throw away my country, my freedom, my family for true love and I would gladly sacrifice my whole being for the one I love.

Once I can get into the headspace of sacrificing my life for someone I can really see what life is worth living. As I think about the implications of stepping in front of the danger, willingly jumping into the bullets path to protect my love, knowing this will sacrifice myself for her, feeling the pain of the bullet ripping through my heart, and accepting my fate and being satisfied with my decision, I see a world open before me.

By conducting this mental exercise I start to think about the things in life I don’t want to miss out on. I think of the short time I have left and the experiences I want to fill that time with and what truly matters. As I clean the tears from my eyes I think about how lucky I am to be alive right now. This is when I build myself up. I realize everything requires sacrifice especially of time so what do I want to sacrifice my time to?

There is one experience in this world truly worth sacrificing for and that is feminine bliss. As a man I love women, I have a magnetic pull to certain women. It’s never a certain physical look or type but there is always some raw emotional appeal I’ve had to any of the women I have loved. There are sparks going off when we talk and I yearn for my notifications to ding over and over with her messages. When I’m around her I crave to see her smile, to laugh, to gasp in just and to moan in ecstacy. This is what attracts me and so many cucks to this pursuit. We feel drawn to the sensual perfection of feminine bliss and there have been men like us for generations.

This feminine bliss can be personified as the goddess Venus (no not cuckoldress Venus although I suspect that’s where she gets her name). All cuckolds crave to have their own women claim the mantle of Venus in their life so that they can accept their place in sacrifice and worship to her divine beauty. She is who I am willing to sacrifice everything for. So many men have this same goddess. Every movie where the man sacrifices for the women shows this, the story of Troy is the fight over a woman, and if you look back at our first depictions do art they are the so-called “Venus Figures” which are voluptuous carvings of women. We don’t know if they were toys, early porn, or related to a deity, but we do know the earliest depictions people made of other people over 30,000 years ago are of the voluptuous female form.

Of all the gods and idols this world has to offer nothing has supremacy over Venus. Her beauty and grace give all of my life meaning. I work and toil all day so that I may provide for her. I clean and decorate my house as an offering to welcome her presence and will give anything to bask in her radiance. Nothing makes her radiance shine more than her happiness and satisfaction and no satisfaction is greater than feeding her sexual hunger.

As a cuckold I sacrifice my own pleasure, my own stimulation, my own orgasm, for hers. I do not restrict her alone to myself but feed her sexual voracity with sexual titans. I watch as she flirts with these other men, I thirst for her satisfaction as I see it in her smile and the way she bites her lips. I see how she gazes at those big powerful black cocks and embraces their raw masculinity. I feel myself filled with lust and angst as I see another man give my goddess a sexual experience foreign to me. I hold my emotions at bay and squirm for her attention as I see her embrace their hot loads deep inside her willing essence. I sacrifice and she is satisfied.

In this moment I am sacrificing everything but my life to Venus. I am sacrificing my earnings when I buy her clothes to attracted hung men and a spade necklace to show she only thirsts for those black titans. I am sacrificing my ownership and dominion to her freedom as I hand her over to the embrace of those dark hands. I am sacrificing any social norms that tell Venus she can’t have any man she wants, she can’t be with black men, she can’t be such a slut. I am sacrificing my own sexual satisfaction as I watch her get on her knees and embrace their cock. I watch as she struggles and chokes to get a cock in her mouth and embrace the passion his size brings. I sacrifice control over my own erection in that moment as I see my chastity key dangling as she starts enthusiastically blowing that big black cock. I am sacrificing my orgasm as I see him pumping his load inside of Venus and this bringing her to the peak of orgasm. I am sacrificing every part of my being for her.

I am sacrificing all of this because it is worth it. By laying these offerings at the alter of Venus’s sexuality and bliss I get to bask in her glory. I get to be with her after the titans are gone and float on the clouds above Olympus. I get to embrace in the deepest of conversation as we go over her favorite parts of the experience, and my favorites parts watching. We get to giggle and smirk at things only for us and I get to hold this goddess in my arms. If I’m lucky she will allow me to go down in between her legs to her sacred womanhood and succumb to the temptation it brings. As it’s swollen from being freshly fucked and sloppy from her sweet juices and their titanic loads she gives me the privilege of tasting the nectar of the gods and brining her to orgasm in my mouth letting the torrent of lust wash over me. I get to feel my own sexual energy burst out from my nose and eyes and ears, from my fingertips and toe tips and deep in the essence of my cock. I get to look at her cage knowing when she decides to unlock me and embrace my manhood she is doing it because she needs it and wants it and that I get to give her a sexual satisfaction and emotional connection uniquely unlocked by cuckolding. I get to have the honor of having my goddess remove my armor and embrace me into her divinity.

For that I would sacrifice anything. I will wear my metal cage as armor and consider my pen the sword as I go out into the world and vanquish demons in the name of the holy Venus and I take pride as a man in building myself up from the ashes of a weak cuckold into a knight in shining armor willing to sacrifice anything for the honor and glory of my queen, my goddess Venus. Oh what a sweet sacrifice it is.

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