Being Your Best Cuck

If you’re going to be a cuckold might as well be the best damn cuckold you can be, so how do you do this? Well I think there are a number of things you can do to improve yourself. They will make you a better man and in turn a better partner in the relationship. Don’t forget, this is a relationship first. You have to put the couples hat on first before you can but on the cuck hats. The focus of a cuckold relationship is putting the woman’s sexuality and sensuality at the forefront. Everything you do in the relationship should be a means in serving the end of her happiness. You must be completely and totally devoted to her, she needs to be the goddess of your life.

Notice I said sexuality and sensuality. Both of those are extremely important to women. What attracts us so much to women is their difference. (Disclaimer: I am not making any prescriptive claims about gender. It is clear biological sex is bimodal and gender is a social construct on a spectrum. I have a deep love and appreciation for anyone anywhere on the spectrum to live their life as they please. In my own experience, cuckolding is normally a heterosexual relationship with the gender roles defined rather traditionally but subverting them becomes part of the excitement. Any descriptive claims I make are almost always generalities and over simplifications. I am not an expert in anyway, just trying to express my thoughts in what I hope is a healthy way.) While men tend to be very visual, hence why the porn industry is very male-centric, women tend to be much more emotional with their attraction. This is one of the beautiful things about femininity that cuckolds adore about their cuckoldress, that she could get turned on just getting dressed in a sensual way most men can’t comprehend. Turned on isn’t even the right word for it, I have heard women talk about the seemingly most platonic things and found a way to sensually make them add their their satisfaction.

Women tend to do this in all things, they find the love and deeper meaning, they see the body where men see meat, they make a home where a man sees a building, they make an orgasm an experience not just ejaculation. This overzealously caring is what separates us from the beasts. It’s why we can come out of the womb so weak and not get eaten by wolves. It is why we took the cutest and cuddliest wolves and turned them into our dogs. That feminine energy (which to be fair all men possess to one degree or another) is what really makes us human and its part of what makes women far superior to men if you’re going to separate the gender. That and I mean y’all make people inside of you so I am never quite sure why any guy thinks how much he can bench compares to that.

Now you might disagree with this but probably not if you’re a cuckold. Her raw feminine energy from her orgasm to her cooking dinner you find a grace in everything so much which is exactly why you are devoted to her. So if you’re devoted to her you should want to make her life better. That’s why you want her to go out to the club and have fun dancing with sweaty guys, you want to watch as she wears skimpy clothes in the gym while the other guys check her out so she feels how sexy and wanted she really is, and you want to watcher her ride a big black cock that has so much raw sexual energy behind it, that is so big that he never fully bottoms out because she can’t take it all, that stays hard for hours and gives her a level of pleasure you just can’t. You want all this for her because for the same reason you love seeing her bite into a strawberry in the morning on a summer sunny day, for the same reason you want to happily bite into the sandwich she makes you and see the cute way she giggles when you tell her how good it is, for the same reason you want to grill up a nice steak and have it waiting for her when she gets home from working late. Because at the end of the day, you love her.

So with this love, with this devotion, with this realization that she is worth the best, you better be the best. You might not be able to be the tallest, the strongest, the most well hung, or even the funniest. Don’t worry about that, there is always someone better at anything. The knight does not ride into battle and expect his sword or armor or horse to be the strongest but he rides because the queen is worth fighting for, dying for if needed. Worry only about being the best version of yourself, improving yourself in every way so you can be of even a fraction of the value to your partners life as she is to yours. The below guide should help you be the best version of yourself, the best cuckold you can be.

Cuckold Loving Improvement Techniques (C.L.I.T.)

  1. Small Victories: This is the easiest thing to do and honestly basic psychology. If you want big wins in your life you need little wins so do the little things and take pride in them. As Jordan Peterson says, make your damn bed, and I would add to that, brush your teeth, do the dishes, if you can do nothing else do these little things and you will be surprised how dramatically these simple wins impact your psyche.
  2. Work Out: Okay first off this is just about being healthy. No woman wants a boyfriend of any type who’s going to have a heart attack at 40 so just do some type of physical activity to stay healthy. But beyond that, you should take pride in this. Work out not just to make yourself better for vanity’s sake, but earnestly work everyday to be a better cuck. As I am in the gym I like to listen to the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast (available anywhere you get podcasts) and it really pumps me up, it makes me go that extra step, push that extra rep, and work out harder so I can be the best cuck I can be. It doesn’t matter how strong anyone else is in the gym, I work out to be the best version of myself, to be the best man, and the best cuckold for a cuckoldress to call her own.
  3. Love Yourself: At the gym I see guys more jacked than me, of course a lot of strong black men that would make great bulls, sexy girls who most would think they are out of my league, and I see myself. Guess what? I look good. No I am not the best looking guy, but I am in the process of making myself better. Do I have some places that need toning? Have I gained some weight especially with Covid? Do I want to be bigger and faster and stronger? Hell yeah but I don’t hate myself and you shouldn’t either. Girls can pick up on it and nothing is less attractive than hating yourself. Even if you’re a sissy into domination, love yourself for it. I feel my cage on my cock as I lift and I feel confident knowing I am an awesome cuckold and literally working to get better.
  4. Be a Pro: Women like successful men, there are evolutionary, cultural, and probably sexual reasons for this but it is a fact. Work on being as successful as you can. Whether you go to work at McDonald’s or JP Morgan Chase it doesn’t matter. You can shower before you go to work, you can dress cleanly and appropriately, you can work hard and bust your ass every second you’re on the clock. Women love that and it should give you a sense of pride. This will make it more likely you get a promotion, you will do better work, and just like the small wins at home, all your wins big and small add up. Be a professional 100% of the time when you’re on the clock, no matter what. Take work and finances seriously and focus less on what you are doing, and more on doing it to the best of your ability.
  5. Befriend Women: While I do not think any of these is really more important than the others, you need all of them just like you need your lungs and your heart and your brain to live, but I think this is the one most cuckolds lack, especially newbie cuckolds. First thing, you are not a player, you do not want to be with a bunch of women, you do not want women to fawn over you, you want to devote yourself to one amazing woman and giver her your all. That is what a cuckold is. I know you’re horny all the time and your balls are about to burst but learn to restrict yourself and hold back. Most women you meet will never be into you, let alone cuckolding you. However, most women have women friends. You should focus genuinely being a friend to them. If you haven’t learned yet that women are people to, do that now, and if you have learned that, take another second to examine your behavior to make sure that the lesson really sunk in. If you really look at women as people you should reserve seeing their smile and eyes and bodies in a sexual light for the woman you want to devote yourself to. I am not saying you have to control every impulse that comes into your head, but you do need to control every action to make sure you respect the women around you as a friend first. By doing this you not only build friendships for themselves, you take pressure off that you’re into them. She will then have good things to say when she talks to her other friends and then you can meet more girls and then maybe one of them will be into cucking you. Even though that is an ends, the means are an ends too. Developing these friendly relationships with women will help you be a better partner and cuckold when you find the right woman. You will be able to learn from them and value them even more than some of your boys. Yes young Cuckwalker, I know that seems crazy but you can have a deeply rewarding platonic relationship with a woman. When you do find your cuckoldress, you’ll realize you don’t just love her for sex, but she’s your best friend. If you struggle with this I suggest telling women you meet you have a girlfriend even if you don’t have one. While this is slightly dishonest, it will take their guard down and it will force you to avoid any suggestive language for that will make you look like an awful boyfriend.
  6. Reflect: Reflect on everything you do, on every action you take. Think where you could have been wrong, where you could have improved, and try to structure yourself to act better in the future. You don’t need to go overboard and regret anything, the only mistakes you should regret are the ones you haven’t learned from, but be okay with admitting where you are wrong. This will make you a stronger partner in any relationship, but as a cuckold you can use this to empathize with your partner and understand the best way to structure your cuckold relationship. Your relationship won’t be like your fantasy, that is only in your head and doesn’t incorporate the real people only the sexual objects in your imagination. In a real relationship its give and take so you need to both come together to a place that might be a few miles away from your fantastical destination, maybe its more than that. Don’t worry and be patient, if she is the woman you want to devote yourself to you’ll have a long life together to explore the landscape and you don’t need to rush anywhere. Focus on who you’re with over where you’re going and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Just be aware, you might make a few wrong turns along the way.
  7. Jerk Off Less: This is simple and you know you should do it. Jerk off less, stop pumping all the time. The more you jerk off the more your sexual experience is defined by objects that sex workers make and not building a relationship. If you want to be a real cuckold you need to want a relationship first. You can always jerk off later, that porn will always be there, whenever you can, jerk off less. Literally do anything else with your time, work out, go in early to the job, stay for overtime, go out with friends. Porn is an addiction no one talks about today so if you need help get it. You can still have the fantasies and your sexuality but I can almost unanimously say that if you jerk off less your life will improve.

If you read these over you might recognize it echoes a lot of self help thoughts. That is because a lot of it is universal. To be the best cuckold you also need to be the best partner, the best friend, the best man. You should always focus on improving yourself. If you want to fuck your cuckoldress after her bull, work out and get strong to throw her against the wall, if you want to be a sissy, get lean and tight and more feminine. It doesn’t matter who you are and I accept and love you as another person no matter how you choose to live your life sexually as long as you’re doing it with consent and safety. No matter who you are I want you to be the best person you can be and if you’re a cuckold I hope this helps you to be your best cuck!

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