One Shot

We all got one shot in this life. It’s a wild ride for all of us. No one chooses where they start, no one changes their past, but you can always correct course and adjust your destination. You can always find yourself with a flat tire, realize you have to pull over to the side of the road, change it and then start moving again. You can’t just keep running on a flat. You might even realize in that moment the destination you were going doesn’t make sense. You need to change directions completely or go off the map. Maybe fuck your car you need a boat to get where you’re going. Don’t ever be afraid of change. It’s the one constant in the universe. Always be willing to change and see things from a new perspective, always be willing to be more honest with yourself, and always push yourself to the maximum. So if you’re here you’re interested in cuckolding relationships, so what will you do with this one shot you got?

For the men out there, embrace that you’re a cuckold, be the best cuck you can be (wrote a post about that too with my C.L.I.T. Guide) and realize what you like about it. Find out your boundaries and what you want in reality and fantasy and don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. Find a beautiful queen you can devote yourself to, find someone worthy of you donning the armor and taking up the sword and charging off to battle. Embrace cuckolding like a man. Every pain you feel from denial, humiliation, and even domination makes you stronger. You can take that crushing feeling of seeing the woman you love get impaled by a massive black cock, feel that pain and push through it. Push through because your devotion is to your queen and this is good for her. It makes her so happy, his cock is so much bigger than you, he’s so much stronger than you, he can fuck her in ways you can’t, so provide her safety and security while she takes it. Be there when the bull leaves to talk about it with her, to support her, to give her a massage after, to get in between her legs and clean her up if she wishes, if you’re lucky. And, be prepared to fuck. Stop jerking off all the time and save your orgasms for the devotion of your queen. Save your sexuality to enhance hers and you in term will be bestowed with an orgasmic bliss only possible by being a true cuckold. Courageously be ready to watch her take a huge cock and be ready for her denial or demand of you. Work out and stay healthy so your erections are stronger, so you are healthier, and so she has a partner she can love more and more. Always be professional, always be a best friend to your queen, and never back down from what you truly love, being a cuck. You can trust your woman will always come back to you, you can trust that your bull will never win over your queen and you can trust that watching your woman with another man will only bring you closer to your queen and make your sex life better and better.

For the women out there, embrace that you’re a cuckoldress and be the best you can be! This is the ultimate set up of eating your cake and having it too. Your cuckold is madly and deeply in love with you, that is why he wants to share this experience with you. This love is why he not only supports the power imbalance of being loyal to you while you are open to the army of hung studs you want, but he embraces and cherishes it. He wants to devote himself to you so that you can make all his fantasies come true by living out yours. Your true cuckold will accept any request you have from denial to demand enthusiastically and he will always be by your side. You never have to worry about him with other women because he doesn’t want that, he doesn’t even want you to date any other men, he just wants you to get fucked. Embrace that you like to get fucked. That you are truly a queen and your cuckold wants to bestow the crown upon your head. Embrace that being a slut means that you don’t let society tell you how to express your sexuality. Be as slutty as you want. Fuck that hung black guy from college who always told you your ass was “phat” and even when he said it you felt the ph. Go down on the guy at the bar that keeps drawing your gaze. Most importantly though, include your cuckold in all this. It will not pull him away from you but pull your love deeper. He loves when you embrace your slutty side and live it to the fullest. You know how much of horndogs men are but your cuckold doesn’t want to be out humping everything, he isn’t a puppy. He is a good shepherd and he wants to stay devoted to you and his family. The bulls are the wild wolves that wont be there with the family at the end of the day. They are just there for the wild side and they love that. Also, embrace domestic life. Embrace that you are also a woman who wants a husband and a family and that you can have all this too. You can have that slutty side and you can have Taco Tuesday with your loving partner and always have a date for weddings and family events. You can run with the wolves and always have your shepherd to come home to. You can take your knight in shining armor and crown him your king if he earns it. You can trust your cuckold will always support you after you take a bull, you can trust that the sluttier and more erotic you get your cuckold will love you more. This trust will strengthen the bond you share with your cuckold.

I truly think cuckolding is a beautiful relationship. While there is a kinky fetish side to cuckolding that is super hot for sure, I love the relationship and love and devotion and trust inherent in cuckolding. If you just like the kink and fetish I personally think you should keep everything in fantasy. That’s fine if you just fantasize about cuckolding but ask yourself, are you a true cuckold? Can you really go through your whole life with only ever experiencing the tragedy of cuckold porn? Is this really enough to satisfy you? Or, do you really need a cuckoldress to devote yourself to? Do you see yourself loving one woman and being on a mission to offer yourself to her unconditionally? Do you want to live a life where you push your partner to sexual heights and bring her female energy to peaks impossible on your own?

I know one thing for damn sure, I am a true cuckold. I don’t just want this in fantasy. I don’t just want to have a 3 way, I don’t just want to see my girl get off with another guy. I want to be a devoted man in extreme love supporting everything my queen does and working together to push each other to be better and better. I want her to embrace how much of a slut she can be and be right there to reclaim her after. I want to share everything with my partner, to give her the key to my chastity cage and my heart. We only have one shot and with my shot I am going to try to live my life as free and true as I can, and that is to throw away the boat, impound the car, and get a plane because I want to soar to new heights. My destination is being the King of Hearts to my true Queen of Spades and I will walk through hell fire if I have to because you know what? I got one shot at this life and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do! Stay positive y’all. It’s good to be cuck.

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