Gentlemen Don’t Kiss & Tell

Since starting this blog I have had nothing but support. I greatly appreciate all the kind words from each and every one of you. Thank you all, especially the cucks who have contacted me to let me know how much this resonates with them and how they are starting to be secure in their cuckold identity. Everyone of you cucks can provide value and be worth love in a relationship if you earn it.

Other than praise the most often questions I get are personal. Asking about cuckolding experiences and my dive into the lifestyle. While I appreciate all inquiries, I am a relatively private person. There is always family, friends and work that call most of our attention not to mention just the routine like laundry and groceries. I do not need to inject cuckolding into those things and shout out my sexuality. That is why you will never see me selling any personal content and pictures will always be hiding my identity. Also, I do not want to share any of the content I have. None of you have the emotional attachment to any content I have and you can find better stuff for free in porn. We should all agree to leave porn to the professionals, like who is the most dynamite queen of spades ever. My relationships however, will be private and intimate, just the way my partners and I like them. Now having said that, I do want to open up to y’all and use my experience to help in anyway I can. In that spirit, here’s a peek behind the curtain.

Cuckolding has been an itch at the back of my head since high school. I had an ex who was really into hung black men and a total size queen and ended up cheating on me. I fought with myself for years after that that I actually found that hot. I actually bulled for a couple in that time, hooked up with a lot of girls, and got pretty wild. I was never fulfilled though. I was, now honestly looking back on it, using girls as sexual objects to cum. I would never think about them and always thought of the interracial cuckolding porn I was watching before they came over.

This really started to drive me crazy and I couldn’t tell what was going on with my sexuality and why I wanted to see a black guy hook up with my girl so much. Was I gay? I had to find out. I went out and sucked a cock. Details really don’t matter. I didn’t like it at all. I realized real quick I wasn’t gay in anyway. Before this time I had watched sissy and forced bi porn. After this event I couldn’t watch that anymore. I realized it was just shock value that was stimulating me and nothing meaningful. I started to go down a road of introspection.

I started to look within myself and realized I was, and now proudly am, a cuckold. I realized if I was ever going to settle down it was going to be with a true queen of spades because I find that so attractive. I love when women are size queens and I love to see them take their fill and then some. I love when white girls flip off anyone in society that says they can’t be with black men and they squirt all over those hung black cocks.

I found all this beautiful but I couldn’t figure out how to have a relationship like this. I legit thought what I would have to do was make as much money as I could so I could be a sugar daddy and support a snow bunny taking black cock, but I could never find love. I was always stuck outside of the relationship between the bull and my woman and I couldn’t figure out how to get in, but I accepted I wanted cuckolding and that I am a cuckold.

Enter who completely flipped my world upside down. Hearing her talk about the value the cuckold has to her, the level of love she shares with him that just isn’t the same as her bulls, and that she earnestly loves her cuckold as a partner, made me rethink my whole life. I realized I didn’t need to be the accessory to the relationship, I realized cuckold and cuckoldress IS the primary relationship. Hearing Venus talk about how the cuck gives her something the bull doesn’t made my head spin but it made sense.

After analyzing her work I realized I can be a confident and strong and masculine man and be a cuckold. I started not accepting that I was a cuckold, but embracing it and loving that part of myself. When this first happened I realized it made my orgasms so much more powerful. Taking away all that shame I felt and replacing it with strength changed me. I now see the pain of a bigger stronger bull fucking my wife as a battle I have to fight within myself, and if I win I can have my queen. If I can fight this battle with strength and devotion I get to be rewarded with a queen worth serving. Being able to serve my queen the most intense orgasms she’s capable of and then embracing her raw feminine energy once the bulls are gone is the most masculine thing I can think of doing.

Once I started really listening to Venus, and not just gooning over her sultry voice and heavenly sexscapades, I actually started watching porn less to. Today I rarely watch porn and almost never to orgasm. I have since got into chastity as well which I will go deep on in another post but real quick, ITS FUCKING AMAZING. I use a metal cage that is snug but not small and honestly adds to my masculinity. Having a keyholder own your cock with her feminine energy actually enhances the masculine energy. In terms of cuckolding experience, technically I have had many but in reality they were never true cuckolding. It was honestly really either voyeuristic or just turned into a 3 way because the women I have explored this with so far have been more poly than cuckoldress. I think true cuckolding needs a loving relationship and I have not been lucky enough to experience cuckolding while in love. I have been close but as they say, close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

When I do finally have that raw true love cuckold experience, whether thats tomorrow night or 10 years from now, I probably won’t be posting about it here. That intimate time will just be for my partner, our bull, and me. This blog isn’t for the purpose of sharing my sexual exploits, its to help others see how passionate cuckolding can really be and explore the dynamics of this relationship.

I want to help more men be confident with being a cuckold and I want more women to embrace being a cuckoldress. I want to destigmatize cuckolding in anyway I can. Also I want to reach more people. I plan on turning these rants into a podcast when the world isn’t on fire, if you would love to listen let me know I appreciate any support. I also write professionally and I am working on a novel series that has cuckolding in it but isn’t erotica.

I am not writing to “get anyone off” but I am writing to really make cuckolds think about these dynamics and be the best they can. Whether you’re the stag cuckold having your wife suck your cock as another man fucks her, or you’re a sissy cuckold on your knees gagging on a cock as your cuckoldress encourages you, I want you to be able to be a confident cuckold. No matter where you are on the spectrum you can improve yourself, you can love and devote yourself to your cuckoldress, and you can have a great time doing it.

Again thank you for all the support, none more so than Venus. Your words have truly brought me back from the edge of the cliff and with the support of everyone in this community, I plan to keep writing about what goes on deep in this cuckold mind I have. What goes on in my pants, well a gentlemen don’t kiss and tell.

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