6 Reasons To Love The Lock

First and foremost cuckolding does not have to include chastity devices in anyway. Cuckolding is just the pleasure from watching your wife with another man and there are a number of spectrums in my other articles. Chastity can exist in every spectrum. You can be a dominant Stag for your submissive Vixen and incorporate denial of your cock, the only one she truly loves, from her as she’s getting fucked by another man begging to let it out of the cage and fuck her face. You can be a completely dominated Sissy worshipping your Goddess as she only allows you to cum while being locked up and pegged by a dildo twice the size of Mandingo. Chastity can exist anywhere on this spectrum. It is a tool, use it how you wish.

Having said that, I think it is important for me to tell you where I am on the spectrum so you understand where my views are coming from as my benefits are subjective to my experience. I am a cuck on my own spectrum from my post From Stag to Sissy. I like to go to the level of denial but I do not often go to humiliation as I said in my post from Sinking into Submission. For me I love that I am a man, I love my masculinity and I see cuckolding as putting me in the headspace of a knight devoted to his queen. I try to express this idea in many of my posts as I think looking at it through this lens helps illustrate exactly how to be masculine while a cuckold. This is what gives me confidence in being a cuckold, knowing that I am serving my woman, that I am elevating the sensuality and sexuality (it has to be both) of her femininity into divinity. I think with every action I do how can I make her life better. I see any struggle I undergo whether it be doing the dishes, watching another hung man give her a sexual experience I cannot, or feeling the strain of my cock in its cage as I pick up her dry cleaning, as serving her. This makes every experience erotic.

When I put on my cage I feel as though I am putting my armor on for the day. I use the metal cage that is snug but not small and holds my cock with steel bars. I see it as a masculine expression of my devotion to my queen, my goddess. The feeling of clicking the lock and then placing the key upon her neck brings me closer to her and shows my true devotion. I also have not been doing this for a major amount of time. It has only been a few months but I feel as though I must share this with y’all. So this is where I am coming from when I write about the benefits of the cage and I hope this is helpful for anyone thinking of locking up.

Cage Benefits

  1. Physical Sensation: This one is very subjective, but if you like cock rings you’ll love cages as it really is just an extension of that. From my talks with other cuckolds, all of the ones who don’t like the cage do not like cock rings. However, if you do like that squeeze around your balls at the base, this just extends that through your whole cock. I do not use any cages with pins or anything that hurts my cock, the steel bars smoothly hold my cock down. When I get hard this makes a rush to my cock and the longer it holds, the more I feel a slow pain start to spread from my hips down my thighs and legs and up my stomach a little. As soon I take the sheath of the cage off I feel this build up release but that build up is stronger to me than edging for hours. Also, it really does feel like armor to me with the metal cage. This armor is protecting me from any temptress that might lead me astray from my goddess.
  2. Connection to Keyholder: This one is undeniable. It truly does bring you closer to your partner to give them control over your cock. Whether she is just teasing you before you play and you only wear it for 10 minutes, or she makes you edge and hold off locking you up for 10 days, the feeling of her owning your cock is one of love and connection. You are showing your devotion to her, that your cock is for her and her alone. She is showing you that she loves you, she wants to own and possess your cock. She lets those bulls go free to do what they want but you she wants ironclad and by her side. She wants to hold the key to your pleasure and orgasm and you can literally don this physical key which grants her access to a metaphysical part of your mind in a beautiful piece of jewelry each day. You can see, and she can feel, the key lightly bounce between her cleavage and every brush against her skin reminds you of this devotion. Every time you walk and feel your cage or hear the lock rattle your cage you remember she wants to have you, and you want to give yourself to her.
  3. Edgeplay: Small tangent, every man is into sexual denial. Unless your fantasy is really to just take any woman you see as soon as your cock gets hard, you are into denial. Do you like foreplay? Do you like being touched in public when you can’t do anything? Do you like getting sexy texts while you’re at work? You’re into denial the question is just what level. You’re into some level of sexual denial and you’re not a sociopath who just sees women as sexual objects he can take when he wants congratulations. Holding out your sexual urges it what builds them up, it focuses them. The sun denies us its full power and that is what allows us to live on this planet, but if you focus its energy and use a different lens you can pinpoint the energy to burn anything in it’s path. Much like the earth has an Ozone and atmosphere to protect us from its raw energy, chastity protects you from your raw sexual energy and then when you take it off, or get the magnifying glass for the sun, you can unleash the energy and engulf yourself in flames. We may like fire and but we don’t want it to burn our house down, and thats why we all embrace denial. This is what leads to edge play or riding the edge. It is basically when you get extremely worked up sexually and the frustrations and control of holding back builds up that sexual energy into a powerful orgasm. The longer you can hold out and it builds, the better it is. You do not need a cage to do this, you can honestly do it with a belt, jeans, and boxers and just have fun with bulge play. It is the same thing chastity just takes it to a new level by adding that pain element. You think about why you are doing it and the woman who you are being locked up for and it makes you hold back until you need to be released and then when you are its better than anything.
  4. Bigger Better Orgasms: I do not know what it is, I am not a sex researcher although I would love to talk to some in the future to get their insights into everything chastity and cuckold related. What I am is a guy who loves chastity and one of the reasons is it makes my orgasms bigger and better in every one. First off I have way more cum. It honestly feels like every time I edge out in my cage and hold back it is like I am priming up an engine and injecting fuel into the gas lines. Then when I burst after being locked up my orgasm is bigger and stronger and my cum is honestly thicker. It is just such a better and stronger load and adds to the masculine feel of it. I feel like I am not wasting little boy loads but being a man and saving it for the right time and what better time than when my woman approves? Then there is they physical sensation. When I am released from the cage my cock is so sensitive that just the brush of a feminine fingertip can send me wild. Then the build up to orgasm rises and falls like waves on a ship in the middle of a hurricane until I unload hard exactly when my woman wants it most.
  5. Improved Endurance: I last much longer now that I use chastity. I spend a lot of the day edging and doing kegels just out of need not even trying to “work out” with them but it has given me an improvement. Now I will admit when I go days on end I can sometimes be so backed up I let out a first load quick but I am always ready for round 2 and honestly most of the time I can just last longer. I just have more control over my cock and I focus on savoring the time I have out of my cage so I don’t just let myself bust right away. I build and build and build once I am out of the cage to maximize my potential and this self control makes me feel so good. You might have trouble with this at first but if you focus on it and master it you will truly unlock an intimacy with your own body and cock you never knew.
  6. Self Confidence Boost: This one may be depending on how you use it but what could be a better boost of self confidence than a woman owning your cock, so much so she wants to lock it down? You probably don’t have a very huge cock. You may be like me, your cock satisfies girls but its no where close to these hung studs you see on Blacked and BlackedRaw. Knowing this how can you feel special about your cock? Get a keyholder. Get a woman who loves your cock, not because of its size or physical quality, but because its yours and she loves you. Get that woman and hold onto her because the feeling of her going out to work with that key on her necklace, knowing every time she feels it she thinks of you, really makes you feel like a man. A woman wants to own your cock and make sure you don’t waste any erection or load without her. She loves your cock that much!

Chastity is awesome in my humble opinion. If you do not incorporate a cage into your love life, I do implore you incorporate the ideas behind these techniques. Chastity is not for everyone, if you don’t like cock rings you will probably find the sensation of a cage uncomfortable. You can still use your boxers and pants and the belt can be a lock.

As men we tend to be like a microwave sexually, just turn us on and wait for the countdown. Women however are like the oven and and they need a preheat (Again obviously I am not a sex scientist and this is super simplistic. Break any gender stereotypes you want more power to you) and you can just see by the food that both make which is better. Bringing chastity and denial into the mix just tells you not to put the broccoli into the microwave for 5 minutes when chicken being roasted is going to take another 2 hours. Maybe don’t even use the microwave, just get fresh broccoli and use the stove for both.

I think chastity can really add to a relationship and for cuckolds there are a lot of benefits as I have outlined. The main thing is that it can just make every aspect of your sexual experience better. If you are going to watch your woman get a hung black man you can be a part of that. You can be a part of that while she’s bouncing up and down on his huge dark dick without interrupting because your key is bouncing off her chest. She can be squeezing your hard cock tight and telling you not to cum but to hold back for her because she wants you, and she does this without saying a word. She does this just by enjoying to other man’s cock but all the while the only cock that she truly wants as her own is yours. She can focus on her sexual pleasure while reminding you that you are your knight devoted to serving your queen and if you want to be her king you have to earn it. You have to take the pain of chastity, the pain of seeing another hung man take her, the pain of watching her get orgasm in a way your cock just doesn’t, and you have to turn that into pleasure. The pleasure that you are locked up for her, the pleasure that she is now in euphoria, the pleasure of knowing that she is free to achieve her sexual maximum. All this can be unlocked, by locking yourself up.

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