Happy Wife Happy Life

We have all heard this expression before, happy wife happy life, but there is deep meaning in this age old saying. We don’t take the time to stop and think of what it really means and its implications. A bit part of this comes from fear. Fear the saying isn’t just a saying but its right. Fear that the man has to give up parts of himself, specifically masculine parts. Fear that a man might be taken advantage of by the woman.

Now first off, its not just about having a “happy wife” first you need to be compatible. You need to fall in love, you need to be partners in this world and have each others’ backs. Now no matter the power dynamic in your relationship this has to be the case. Whether everything is 50 50 between the two of you or the male or female has all the power, if there’s no love its not a relationship. Kinky is fun, but love is on another level.

One thing a lot of people focus on in their relationship is power. Most people want a partnership where they share power. I think this is true even in dominant relationships. Sharing power in the relationship allows both of you to have a hold on each other emotionally and materially, and if one of you relinquishes that power it can flood you with an emotional wave to do so. With this being said, I think all relationships should have an even power dynamic, and you make giving up some of this power a feature of the relationship.

In this regard, power is not the true metric we are looking at, but devotion. Giving up power shows devotion like when a man goes out to eat a this girl’s favorite restaurant that he doesn’t or he does the laundry before she gets home because he knows it will make her happy or women doing the same things for their man. When we relinquish the power over our circumstance we can either embrace it or hate it. Some things you can’t help but hate. For example if I let my woman order for me at the restaurant there is no way in hell I would ever be happy with mayo. It’s gross and looks like pimple puss and disagree with me if you want but I am not white enough for this condiment. This is why I say there has to be a loving relationship first. You both need to know the little things about each other so in relinquishing power you find bliss and satisfaction instead of annoyance and rage.

The best way to relinquish power and embrace the positive aspects of devotion is to do something for the other person. We have all heard charity workers and the religious and others talk about how good it feels to give. They aren’t wrong. Giving to someone else and feeling it appreciated is in my opinion the best feeling in the world, and that gets us back to the topic of conversation, happy wife happy life. When as a man you relinquish power to your wife/partner the relationship becomes more intense. Instead of focusing on the malecentric mindset focusing on the woman’s needs and wants will bring you to new places.

Most relationships in our modern patriarchy are male centric. That is certainly breaking down in the West as women have been liberating themselves more and more but it is still the default. Because of that when as a man you enter what is called a “Female Led Relationship” or “FLR” you are not only relinquishing your personal power over your woman, but also the societal expectation. In doing this as a man you will realize to truly embrace this type of relationship you have to think of every action you do or don’t do and how it impacts your partner. Some can find this a strain but as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Even though you have given up your power over her, your submission to her desires gives you the keys to her happiness, her joy, her ecstasy.

By embracing the feminine spirit in your relationship you will find the relationship becoming more erotic even with less sex. There is probably something about the female mind or genes or maybe just the women who have attracted me more as I have matured, but women just have a deeper care for things. They can find it sexy when men do the dishes and when women get flowers the joy they feel cant be replicated in men. If you get a guy his favorite video game it just isn’t the same as the way a woman blushes and smiles with flowers and shows it off to her friends. I will say this again, and may need to say it in everything I write, but I am no expert. I am just a guy and a lot of what I am saying is oversimplified and just being viewed from my perspective as a cuckold, but I think that’s okay. It’s totally fine for anyone reading this to reject this and do their own thing and power to you, but as a cuckold FLR have a hidden power in them behind the curtain of servitude that I think I can help to shine a light on.

As a cuckold being in an FLR should come relatively natural. There are power dynamics you can play with as we discussed but the devotion is really the key point. As a cuckold you are devoted to your wife’s sexual satisfaction over your own as evidence by her being with other men. You’re willing to sit there drinking your scotch while you watch her undress a tall dark and hung man. You can sit back and let her sexuality have that power over you, let that devotion build in you, and in doing so you can see her reach peaks that wouldn’t be possible if the roles were reversed. She is having sex with another man but the intimacy is all for your.

By making you’re relationship centered around your wife you actually find more happiness. Just like when you see your wife in bliss with a big black cock pounding her into squirting orgasm after squirting orgasm, you can see your wife in bliss as you take out the trash. She can come home from work and see a clean house to come home to with you finishing up. This will make her so happy, this will make her appreciate you, and this will bring you closer. In submitting to her needs and letting her have power to decide which chores you have to do in this partnership you actually have the power to make her happy every day. You can do those dishes in the sink, fold that laundry, sweep the floor, or anything else and it transforms it from a repetitive maintenance task into a key that unlocks your wife’s happiness.

This is why happy wife happy life is so true. As a man accepting that your wife’s happiness comes first will only make you happy and more fulfilled. I believe as men we get deep satisfaction from our accomplishments just for the sake of doing them. There is something about getting physical work done with our hands that we consider “manly” and for me I see no reason why cutting wood outside can be as satisfying as cleaning the toilets and really scrubbing to get it spotless. By accepting these are the same things you can dispel with the notion you are doing something “girly” or “feminine” and embrace that you are doing work for your wife.

I tend to look at my relationships in a unique way. I see my woman as my queen, I am her knight in shining armor, and I will devote myself to her day in and day out until I earn my spot next to her as her king. I am still just a knight as I am not married but I think looking at the relationship this way helps keep the masculinity especially in a cuckold relationship. I see the chores and struggles we must go through as trials and tests of my valor. I see my queen’s love and happiness as the most noble pursuit and I see her bulls as ambassadors paying her offerings in the court. If they upset her in anyway or if their offerings are not appropriate I will don my sword and remove them. If she accepts their offerings I consider them an ally.

While this may be a bit cliche for me it really helps. I think in becoming a safe and “civilized” society we have lost a connection to the raw passions of our ancestors. Men need something to fight for and to give them purpose and what greater cause than the happiness of a woman, her warm embrace, her soft giggles, and her earth shattering orgasms? By changing the frame of reference you can see the masculinity in this pursuit and the honor in it and be satisfied you are truly a man.

Happy wife happy life. It is true. The kingdom will be happier with the queen being satisfied. Every time she asks you to do something it is not a request from your wife/girlfriend, it is an order from your queen that must be executed. By making her happy and fulfilled you will see yourself rise through the ranks. We all start out as peasants, when we enter into the relationship our queen knights us, and if we are truly devoted we may live through enough battles to see ourselves wind up on the throne next to her. By giving everything to her you can allow yourself to accept total responsibility for every smile and giggle you see come off her sweet lips. You can see the twinkle of appreciation and love in her eye when you slay all the dragons and you get to call her your queen as she calls you her king. That sounds like the happiest of lives to me.

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