Her First Date

He feels himself nervous and anxious. She left over an hour ago looking beautiful as ever. He remembers what she was wearing, after all he helped her get dressed. She had on her tight black dress pants that had buttons that sparkled particularly bright with a thin brown belt around her waist. She had on a dark green shirt with flowers on it that went straight across below her arms and chest leaving her shoulders bare. The flowers always gave her a special glow as she looked like she was blossoming from her scrubs at work into a voluptuous vixen. She had her golden hair curled in soft twists that bounced ever so slightly as she walked and her make up was soft but accentuated her beautiful blue eyes and her full pink lips. He remembers feeling her heart beat increase as he added on her last piece of the outfit, her necklace with the key charm.

She had worn it every day for a few months as they prepared for this. She would lock him up before work and take it off when they came home and showered. He had grown accustom to his chastity cage and she had grown to love wearing the key. She loved that she could wear a simple necklace and have a sign of her partners devotion hiding in plain sight. She loved that when he left for work and business trips that she never had any insecurities about what he was up to. She loved that he willingly accepted chastity and she loved that they could both share pictures all day of the cage and the key and build up the sexual tension for the night time. She had the spare key in her purse every day when he would don her necklace after she locked his cage she felt like a queen being crowned.

Tonight though, this took on a whole new meaning. Tonight the bull she was seeing knew that her partner was home, waiting by his phone for any text or call or picture as he was locked away. She thought about how he was probably pressed up against his cage on his drive home after dropping her off. She thought about how he had been the one to introduce her to this idea, how at first she was confused by the cage but then turned on by owning his cock and accepting his devotion to her. She had the same feelings about cuckolding. She had never been with many men and loved being a good partner to her man. When she first heard about it part of her thought he didn’t love her, that he either wanted to sleep with other women or that he wanted to find an excuse to break up. After long talks though she realized this is what he wanted. He wanted her to explore her raw sexual side. He wanted her to fly to new heights of her sexuality and have the freedom to have any one she wanted man or woman. And he wanted to be devoted to her. He wanted her to come back every night. He wanted her to do this and still come back to him and after enough talk she finally agreed to try. She was in the restaurant bathroom just making sure she didn’t have to make any last minute touches and sent her partner a picture of her holding the key on her necklace.

He was hard against his cage. He was thinking about her the whole time on the ride back, and now he was anxious by the phone. He thought about what he was asking her, wondering if she was having second thoughts, wondering if he had a problem or if she had a problem with him. He felt fear and his heartbeat increase and he also felt intoxicated with lust. His phone vibrated. Fuck. There she was. She was holding his key looking so damn sultry and sexy. He could see her pants tightly hug her amazing ass and the flowers really did giver her a natural radiance that turned her hair to sweet honey, her lips to succulent strawberries, and he skin to sweet cream. He really wanted to just eat her up, but what really stuck out was that key. Again he felt his cock twitch in his cage. She had the other one in her purse and she was wearing the key to his cock proudly and this would be the first time anyone would know what it was. He saw that devilish stare in her eyes and the lust behind her lips. He knew her well enough to also see her red cheeks behind her make-up. She was nervous to but the picture said she was still willing to move forward.

She left the bathroom flustered. She felt herself excited and turned on with all the attention she was getting. She had her cuckold at home, locked up for her, waiting for her, thinking about her, as she was walking over to the hostess to be sat at a table with another man. She was led to his table and she saw him. Fuck, he looked good. He was a tall tan man with green eyes. He had short dark hair that was in a tight fade and he had on a white button up and black pants. He smiled at her and she grinned back at him. She was worried he wouldn’t be attracted to you her, she felt her insecurities rising but then he said “Wow, Gian is a lucky man” and she felt her fears wash away. Not only was he attracted to her but he respected her cuckold at home. Already they felt better and they ate dinner and got a few drinks. He made her laugh and every now and then would mention Gian and she felt very at ease. After dinner he asked if she wanted to go back to the hotel with him or go home to Gian. She felt herself immediately say “Whatever he wants” and she texted him.

He wondered what was happening. He was at home thinking about her non-stop. He was in between looking at her Instagram and porn and back again, the whole time struggling to deal with the pain in his cage. But he was going to get through it. He kept thinking to himself he had to man up and deal with it. He knew how good it would feel when she came home to him and let hime out. She loved making him cum quickly and he already felt himself on edge, but he would have time to settle down on the drive to pick her up. His phone vibrated again. She texted him asking “He invited me to go back to his hotel, what do you think? I love you” and he felt that twitch again. He had to stand up and walk around. There was a nervousness and he felt a jealousy and a territorialism in him but he felt the need to overcome these emotions and push through it. He didn’t own her and he wanted to see her with another man and she was willing to do this. He texted back “You can go but only if you put me on speaker when you get there” and he sat back and waited. And waited. And waited. Geeze this felt like forever to him is she mad does she hate me was that too forward, all these thoughts raced through his head. Then his phone vibrated again. She said “Of course I will call you soon, I love you SOOOO Much!” he looked at the clock. It had only been one minute between the text. He had a moment of shock. He had to process everything. When he finally came to all the insecurities he felt washed away. He responded back “I love you too baby, I really love you so much.” and then he waited again.

Taking the first step is often the hardest. Whether it is for working out, starting a new diet, applying for a new job, or writing a blog just beginning something is the most difficult part. An object at rest stays at rest until a force acts upon it. But, an object in motion also stays in motion unless a force acts to stop it. This means once you get the ball rolling the momentum can take you a lot of the way. This is especially true for cuckolding.

In terms of men that like cuckolding, either you do or you don’t. You know if its for you and if not it doesn’t cross your mind, you may try to fight and deny it but if your arousal overcomes your jealousy you’re probably a cuck. However we may still try to have the vanilla relationships but it often never works out without at least exploring the fantasy even if you never make it a reality. Also there is the fact that a cuckold relationship is built on love first and foremost so as a cuckold you are just a regular guy looking for a partner more than anything. Whether you’re a strong stag or a bambi beta, if you’re a cuckold you want a partner that you share this with.

For the women I think it is a bit different. Because of the way society structures itself, if a woman wants to be with too many men she is a slut and this is somehow bad. Society and culture stamps out this idea of experimenting in women the way it stamps out gay experimenting in men. No one judges the woman who hooks up with a girl in college, no one judges the man who beds many women, but if you flip these two you see an uproar. Just imagine how most people react if you’re a guy and you say you’ve sucked a cock or if you’re a girl and you say you hook up with multiple guys in the same week. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule but for the most part women aren’t supposed to be promiscuous and there is even a weird cultish obsession with virginity especially among the religious.

With that being said, women may not know right away if this is something they could enjoy. For many it will be a hard no but that’s also the same for most guys. Even as cuckolding gets more popular, the default relationships are man and woman. Woman can be “convinced” into cuckolding with the right partner.

Sidenote: I can only speak from an American perspective. Of course we can find isolated societies that buck these trends but all across the industrialized world we see monogamous relationships as the majority and the default most people want. This is probably related to property rights more than anything and hey, maybe well see a drastic change in our material conditions with technology and completely reshape society but I won’t hold my breathe on that and can just speak from my own perspective.

Now I am not for any type of manipulation. I think the idea of a guy “convincing” a girl to do something sexual is gross in almost all contexts. What I am talking about in this context is having the long form open communication with your partner about what you both want. Cuckolding involves actually bringing another person into your relationship. That is huge. While you as a cuckold may see the big black cock as a sexual object, thats attached to a person and you cant have one without the other. For this reason I recommend most couples start with using toys, watching each other play with yourself, and even watching porn together although I would avoid almost all cuckold porn. For any my partners that I have brought up cuckolding to I make sure I let them know its not what they see in porn for me.

To find out if your woman is into cuckolding probably won’t be just one conversation unless she is already into it. It will take time, maybe even years, and if you don’t want to spend that time with her than you are just looking at her as a means to an end to fulfill your fantasy. If you really want to make this work find the right person and explore it and once you get the ball rolling who knows where you end up. You may both find that you only like the fantasy, you may find that you want to be holding her hair as she gives another man head and she loves that. No cuckolding situation is the same so figure out with your partner how you want to uniquely share this amazing experience.

She felt a bit dazed. She had a load deep inside of her and her hair was a mess. She was walking to the elevator and was struggling to remember what happened. She probably had a few more drinks than she could have but she lost herself with her bull. She remembered her cuckold listening in the whole time and she remembered how hard she came with the attention of her bull and cuckold at the same time. She couldn’t believe how intense that was. She never had sex with someone without loving them but just letting her walls fall down and taking this other man’s cock for the physical pleasure gave her a new level of sexual experience. The most intense thing was she still had the love, just not from him. Her cuckold was enthusiastically listening the whole time. She even got him to cum in his cage which was first for them. She felt really empowered and incredibly sexy by being this wanted. Her bull loved her ass, as he said many many times throughout the evening, and her cuckold loved hearing all she had done. But, on this walked leaving the room she felt her nerves kick back in. She felt her fear that she was a slut, that her cuckold wouldn’t love her, that she did something wrong, all this came back. She felt nervous and a bit scared as she rode the elevator down but there was also her knowledge that he had wanted this, he pushed her to do this. She said she was fine with his cock and she didn’t need anything else but he insisted. She shouldn’t be scared or nervous at all, but the doors to the elevator opened and she saw her cuckold’s car waiting for her, and she was.

He could not believe how lucky he was. He had just got to hear his wife take a 10 inch cock for almost 2 hours. He had got to cum in his cage as his beautiful queen came with another hung man. He loved this. He had a great time. But now he felt nervous. He hadn’t talked to her in about 30 minutes since he had driven to the hotel to pick her up. He worried that the bull might have kicked her out, that she might have second thoughts, just that something would go wrong. He knew he shouldn’t feel this but as he wait right where she said her elevator was he grew anxious. His cock stiffened in its cage from excitement, fear, and the lust from earlier. Then he saw her. He saw her hair disheveled, she looked doe eyed and walked slower than normal. He saw her face get really red as she came to the car. He got out to come open the door but couldn’t help himself and wrapped his arms around her in a sweet embrace.

“I love you so much” he said, “I love you too” she said. “I love you more” he said. She started to feel the fear and insecurities was away as she knew their cute thing was coming. “I love you most” she responded. “I love you toast!” he finished their cute little mantra to each other. Both felt all their insecurities disappear and all that was left is their raw love for each other. He finally got around to opening the door for her and they both drove home loving and laughing each other, talking about how the night went and what was fun, what was weird, what was silly, and when they were going to do this again. She had feared that she would fall for the bull or that this would cause a distance between them but she never felt closer to them. She and he both felt truly and madly in love with one another and couldn’t believe how lucky they were.


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