The Booty Paradox

You are sitting at the beach and you see a woman walk by you. Her curves draw you in and you can’t help but gaze at how she looks in her bathing suit. Her waist goes out our than her shoulders and she has a shall over her waist. As she removes it you see how tight it was hugging to her body and her round voluptuous figures gives you a rise in your chest and you feel your eyes dilate. Her womanly figure is begging you, calling to your instincts that this is what beauty truly is but you don’t think that, you don’t think. You can’t think, all you can do is hold your animal instincts back because this is a family beach.

Disclaimer: I will be discussing mainly a sexual object in this post. It is important to recognize people are never defined solely by the sexual objects they possess. We all have sexual objects from our dicks to our digits but we are all also complex individuals and it is impossible to separate the sexual object of a person from the person themselves. None of this is intended to sexually objectify, it is discussing sexual objects.

Like A Beetle To A Beer Bottle

You have heard of an object of dangerous desire attracting like a moth to a flame. This is nothing. There is a jewel beetle in Australia or as my mates down unda say Straya. This species is brown, very much like a beer bottle. The big round beer bottles discarded from horny drunk men desperate for some female attention attract the men of this species who are on the same pursuit. The beetles cannot help themselves and proceed to aggressively attack the beer bottle so tenaciously they literally break their cock and waste so much energy that it is affecting the livelihood of the species.

Why do they do this? We are very familiar with masterbation in many animals and ourselves but this is something different. This is the brain being hijacked by the stimuli before it. There is something that goes on when he sees this figure not only reminds him of a feminine figure, but it is such an extreme exaggeration of all the features that it pursues that it cannot help itself to run over cock out and attack. It literally short circuits his brain to make his one goal to give every ounce of himself to this extreme feminine spirit. The moth only gets caught in the flame if it doesn’t fly correctly. The beetle is going directly into the flame, dick first, and embracing the way the fire turns him to ash.

While it may not seem noble to compare ourselves to insect, I am man enough to admit that I would be that beetle if not for my higher brain function. This probably comes from the fact that I love learning about evolution and the iterations of life that it took to get us where we are today. Evolution tells us that we are all related on this planet and nothing is “more” evolved or “less” we all have a connection to our singled cell mother 3.5 billion years ago, we have just taken different paths. The beetle is just like me, it just has different eyes to see with and a brain to think with. If I had on the same meat suit as him I would probably find beer bottles just as sexy. We are no more than the worms beneath our feet and no less than the eagles soaring high above, we can learn so much from the beauty in all of life.

Magnetic Pull

If you haven’t guessed by the title, for me the beer bottle is the booty. A woman’s ass is the most magnetic thing to my gaze. No matter where I go if I see a beautiful voluptuous woman I lose myself, if only for a moment. There is a primal feeling that makes my brain absent of any thought and I am just in the experience and my gaze is transfixed. Porn has figured out I am not the only one which is why you see so many popular thick women compared to more mainstream media stars who tend to always be petite. There is nothing wrong with being petite but sexually it really isn’t that appealing to me. I would date any woman that I fell in love with regardless of her meat suit but the only time I feel my gaze magnetically drawn is with curvaceous women.

Maybe this pull comes from evolutionary biology and it has something to do with birthing hips, maybe it has to do with being healthy and having resources, maybe its all cultural and we are conditioned to be attracted to this today, maybe you are a man reading this and you this I am wrong and tits are your draw, it doesn’t really matter. I can only speak for myself but what matters to me is that this is my beer bottle and I don’t want to hump my dick off so I need to have a healthy relationship with this.

The first thing to do is understand this booty is always attached to a woman so I must control my gaze so I don’t just stare girls down all the time. If you do that you are a weirdo and a creep and you should stop. For me I purposely try not to look at a woman when I notice she has the ass that makes my heart beat faster because then when I get a natural glance its all that more satisfying.

Next we have to get a new word. Ass and booty do not command the respect this beautiful treasure of flesh and femininity deserve in anyway. If any women know of better words that you like let me know because I want to speak to the divinity which I think rests within your womanly curves.

Finally we have to find a beautiful voluptuous woman that draws not just our eyes together but our souls in an atomic bond and let that connection be the outlet for all the booty angst that builds up from the amazing and beautiful women everywhere that only exist in my head as a shadow of a person walking by. A book with no title and blank pages in my mind’s library of bibliographies.

Temptations Touch

Having a women who is thicker to me is always better. My deepest and strongest relationships have been with women that I could drop down after I am bending them over the bed and let their ass shake in my face. Massaging, caressing, and just not holding back on that raw meat is something I find so sexy. I love when it has a heavy weight to it and I can really grab on to something. I am literally squirming as I am writing this because it captivates my sexual psyche so. It is what short circuits my brain and makes my only goal serving that ass in anyway shape I cant.

When that ass is in my face I love to rub her womanhood with passion and grace, slowly warming up the fires of her arousal. As I feel how much ass and woman being willingly given to me I find such appreciation that I want to give back. My compersion goes into overdrive and I just want to give her all the happiness she has given me. I dive into her ass and feel my nose and and cheeks being eat by her ass as my tongue starts to invade exactly where she wants me to. I feel her moan as I use my hands to rhythmically rock her ass on my face so my tongue gives her the pleasure she wants and I feel how much meat she has. I feel her pussy get wet and its not just from my mouth and I know she wants penetration deep and powerfully.

I stand up and my erect cock struggles to find her pussy under all that ass and I finally find penetration. It feels so amazing for me and as I start to thrust I feel myself go in and out of her, but I am not exiting past her ass cheeks. To be fair I could angle myself in such a way as to make my thrusts slap in and out of her but if I just naturally hump her and aim for her g-spot then I am just caught in her ass meat. I feel her flesh eat me and it just makes me want more and more and more.

The Paradox

And herein lies the paradox, I want so much of that ass that it blocks off my cock from giving her full penetration. I feel myself slide into despair realizing I am the beetle and I truly have found my beer bottle, and the negatives too. My short circuited brain went so far into loving her ass that it is so big I can barely keep it inside of her. I feel myself slip out and know her pussy is begging for more penetration. If you are a tit man you can feel the same thing trying to penetrate your woman’s buxom bosom and seeing how quickly the flesh gobbles your cock right up.

There is a twisted mind fuck going on when this happens. Even as I continue to fuck and slide out I know she wants more so I don’t stop and the truth is I want more too. If she gained 5 lbs here or she got a little thicker there I would still love it. I feel an insatiable hunger even as I am eating and having beyond my fill. The paradox is that I want an ass so big its hard for me to fuck it.

Cuckolding Resolution

In this moment I feel myself proudly resolving this by embracing that I am a cuckold. The divinity of her feminine figure is so much that it needs more than me. Her flesh needs more than just the 6 inches I can give her. How on earth could I expect to be enough when its clear how hungry her whole body is for more cock. Her ass and pussy want more meat to bounce off of and she wants to feel that slap as she gets dicked out.

If my compersion was at a 10 before it is breaking the scale now. Now, when I am balls deep feeling my load build inside my balls which have been locked up for days, now is when I want her to push me to the side and let a strong hung black man invade her. Now is when I want to see her meaty ass slap against his muscular legs and I want that big black cock to penetrate her so deeply she moans in a primal ecstasy of moans and grunts.

This is the resolution to the paradox. If you are an ass man like me, embrace that your 6 inches aren’t going to be enough and that your woman needs more cock. Embrace that her femininity can take so much and that you can be there to provide and give that to her. If you are a tit man embrace how that big black cock can bust through her tits and she can suck on it as he fucks her.

Embrace how she feels something she can’t feel with you, but she still wants to be with you. She is a goddess and if you give her this offering you are free from suffering her rage and you will be surprised by the glory she can bestow upon you. Then, after she has finished with her bull, then is when you can come and take your place behind her, letting the nectar of the gods drip out of her pussy and into your hungry mouth. She chose you and you alone as the man that can handle her ass after it gets properly fucked, how much more lucky can you get?

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