Positive Perception

Perception is everything. Anyone in history who has ever been truly enlightened or reached Nirvana or whatever you wish to call that feeling of absolute serenity has reached this zenith through changing their perception. By meditating on a topic and looking and focusing on the object you can extract something almost supernatural from the physical world. Sometimes you don’t even need to work on it, by default your perception colors your world. This is why we find coins and paper valuable but when we really focus on what we want to exchange our currency for we unlock this deeper meaning. When the perception aligns with reality transportation becomes a voyage, military engagements become crusades, and spending time together becomes falling madly in love.

Looking at the world through the spectrum of cuckolding unlocks so much positivity. When I really embrace that I am a cuckold I listen to music and find myself transformed by the vibrations echoing through my skull. I hear the Hamilton soundtrack and imagine the revolution they are talking about as my own sexual revolution. I listen to rap songs and get pumped up with the strength those beats bring and find myself manning up to deal with all the challenges that face a cuckold so I can take them head on. I end the night with R&B as I slowly turn my cleaning and chores into an art form getting my house clean for my queen. I feel every experience I have no matter how platonic turn into something beyond erotic when I embrace this perception.

And it’s not just me. The cuckolding community is the most positive community I have ever seen. From the cuckoldresses like Venus to the bulls like Michael C to the cucks like me, everyone is so positive about this expression. A few nights before the writing of this post, the two above pioneers of this lifestyle joined in for a livecast with Hotwife801 and her cuck and over 50 other kinksters enjoying a what was the best night of the covid quarantine for most of us. You really had to be there for how wild it got but one thing I took note of was the constant positivity. In between the fun and sexuality there kept being signs of love and devotion from everyone. Not everyone likes the same things but there was no shame or judgement just free expression for people to find themselves. This has been my experience with everyone really living the lifestyle. The people that don’t just fantasize about this have such a deep perception on how it adds to their relationship and it’s truly beautiful.

That beauty is what really inspires me to write. A cuckolding relationship is really about love. The bull loves providing for a couple in such a raw and passionate way, the cuckold loves and trust his woman with anything even a big black cock, and the woman truly embraces both eating her cake and having it too. What really takes this beauty to the next level is the reality underneath it. At the end of the day the focus is on the divine female sexuality. Myself and the bull give her two unique ends of the spectrum to make her happy. He gives her a massive erect 10 inch dark dick and I give her 6 inches caged and held back behind the steel only she has the key to. We both support that her raw sexual energy can be amplified more by our combined efforts than by either of us alone and she embraces that she can get fucked hard like a piece of meat and have a man there to accept and love her and be willing to reconnect with her after.

This is the expression of the statement “cuckolding is love” and as a cuckold you can embrace the positivity and support this lifestyle brings. Looking through this lense changes the music into fuel for your soul, some metal bars into the extreme symbol of your love, a hung man in the shower into a radiant beam of light shooting into your relationship to make the love between you and your partner shine even brighter.

There are those who may only see cuckolding for the masochistic possibilities within this dynamic or those who still haven’t separated fantasy from reality and just want the extremes. I think this is why we see so much trash cuckolding porn that pushes the narrative cucks are weak and worthless. On the contrary, cuckolds are the men who have the strength to stand up to reality for the one they love while rejecting frivolous insecurities. A cuckold doesn’t see the big dick energy of an atheletic hung bull as a threat to his relationship, but as an amplifier. A true cuckold sees this energy as a wild storm he must endure with his woman to have lightning shoot out her fingers and toes. By doing this he makes reconnecting with her that much more electrifying. And he does all this with perception, by getting his mind in the right space and opening up a schism between reality and fantasy and letting the waves of passion wash over all of them.

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