The cuckold mentality and lifestyle are at a deep level founded on dealing with personal insecurities. As men in a patriarchal society we all find we cannot live up to the ideal. No matter how big and strong we are, the size of our cock, how much we have in the bank, there is always someone bigger and badder out there in some attribute. If you can’t see that you have a mental inadequacy and you’re stupid point blank. True confidence comes not from seeking to conquer all the competitors, but from acknowledging your unique place in the universe, in humanity, in your community.

How did we get here? It seems to be that throughout our history, which is somewhere around the last 200,000-100,000 years, the ideal for man was the warrior hunter and the ideal for women was the mother wife. This makes basic biological sense. Men are more expendable because they do not have to go through the vulnerable period of gestation to make offspring and so they become externally stronger while women directed their strength internally so they can deal with the ludicrous process of live birth.

Not surprisingly, we see the same general trend in most mammals but their lack of culture leaves them extending this to a lion’s thick dark mane or a gorilla’s shining silver back. In humans we have the conceptual capability to idolize individuals and make heroes out of them. It makes sense the strongest heroes were those who could externally protect the family the best and internally those who could nurture the family the best. With the law of extremes, the people most idolized would be those at the farthest ends of the spectrum from their society and their biology so this is where the masculine and feminine come from.

Unfortunately this dichotomy was extremely simple for literally millennia. Modern research is showing the crossover of female hunters and male gatherers to be much more based on utility than gender roles in the deep past but there is no denying that as mankind began to master the land, man sought to master woman. To oversimplify, this mentality is basically “if you throw stick farther, then you better” and this escalated all the way to modern warfare.

In this primal stage of our zeitgeist, which I would argue we are still in, the idea of male strength as what protects us is extremely prevelant but terribly misguided. Think about it, would any full grown man pick a fight with an orangatang? A gorilla? What about our closest relatives the chimp? No not a chance, and that’s because these relatives of ours are all so much stronger and more powerful. If that is the case physical strength can’t really be the thing we should be idolizing. If it was and that’s really what made humans special in anyway we would have been getting stronger not weaker.

The fact that we evolved away from strength has always interested me and it’s why I came up with my own theories on natural selection. Now I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, I am not an expert. I am not a scientist. I am not a biologist or a sociologist or a psychologist and I’ve never conducted a study relevant to what we are discussing. These ideas are just in my head and I find them interesting so I am sharing them. If there are experts that would like to correct me I earnestly welcome that type of criticism.

My theory as to why we physically got weaker is because of femininity. We evolved attracted to that womanly and motherly energy that rears children and loves and cares and will do anything to protect them. Humans rarely kill the sons of their wives compared to in the animal kingdom where it seems a given. In fact many animals actually have to have their children die to ovulate and be ready for another man. Humans don’t do this, of course it happens but humans are devastated by the loss of a child. There is so much emotional and material investment I don’t even need to explain it but I believe the only thing that could hold a male back from ensuring his offspring get all the resources would be to empathize with that energy. I think that is why in every man there is feminine energy and the female needs to protect her children from a vicious male so she needs masculinity to fight back and show how much she cares.

To be sure property rights and communication certainly play a significant role in this development as well and you for sure can find humans killing the sons of their wives even today but I do think this is unique. I think this is also what allows us to care so much for our young when they seem so fragile. It would be perfectly reasonable to have a woman throw down her baby running away from wolves so they get the snack and she can run faster but no sane woman would even think of doing that. Because of this female energy though, men believe they have to be stronger to protect the woman not embrace her caring nature. That is why men get much of their value and self worth from protecting their woman.

As society progressed and things were codified men had all the weapons and war machines because the women were behind the city walls having children and making sure the day to day didn’t collapse. This led to strong men gaining power and men became willing to give their life not for the woman that they love and the family they want to protect, but to follow the strong man into battle to hopefully obtain some of his glory. This perverted the zeitgeist to think external strength and this type of masculinity was the dominating and most important force of humanity but all this did was bring destruction that climaxed in the atomic bomb. Men would now be willing to blow up entire cities and destroy the planet too… Show strength? Protect their women? Bring about justice? None of the above actually. The atomic bomb was shelved and the patriarchy was left crumbling as it’s foundation was shown to be rotting away. As this happened most people realized they care about the protection and happiness of their families and so in modern times we see the virtue to the familial shining through and the idea of men protecting women is seen more virtuous.

In the modern world however, men don’t really need to protect women. We have police and fire fighters and in America women can even open carry an AR-15 and we just see it as a regular Tuesday. I think this individuality and freedom that women now have is what causes modern male insecurities. Men want to be that masculine defender but feel emasculated at women having their own means of protection. If a man cannot give a woman this strong manly ideal what can he give her in the modern world?

I believe this is where cuckolding comes in. While a man can never give his woman a cock bigger than a toy she can find online, he can never protect her more than mutually assured destruction, and he can never be as strong as the Icelandic viking descendent throwing beer kegs at helicopters, he can give her something unique. As a man he can give her the emotional support and build a family together, he can protect his home and his woman from local threats, and he can withhold ownership and give his wife the gift of freedom to sexually explore everything society told her was taboo. As a man he can embrace the fact that the world has so much to offer his woman while at the same time seeing exactly what he can uniquely offer her.

Rather than as a cuckold hating the inadequacy all men have, the cuckold should embrace these attributes as part of what makes him unique. Embracing the unique experience we all have to give the world is where we get our confidence from. If you are a cuckold there is no reason to hate yourself and you should actually feel proud. Instead of going with what society says and demanding your wife be satisfied with never embracing her slutty side and being property to you, you can liberate her and free her to explore the wide sexual world and come back to you not satisfied, but yearning for your love and connection even after a night of multiple orgasms.

Liberation and freedom are much more important to me than strength and power but you can embrace all of these at once. As I liberate my wife to give her sexual freedom she liberates me from society’s expectation of male ownership. I am free to devote myself completely to my wife and I have the strength and power to endure the struggle of seeing her with another man. I see the challenge before me of watching that and holding back my jealousy and my claim to her and embracing her freedom. I can endure the pain of the tight cage, the taste of her swollen sloppy womanhood, and I can embrace this as a sign of our love and steadfast relationship. I have washed away my insecurities and am left with the clean knowledge that I have this unique gift to offer the right woman and I am PROUD to call myself her cuckold.

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  1. Really good writing, well done. As for me I wouldn’t endure my seeing my future wife with another man. For me it’s something to celebrate. I guess that may be a bit different. But I’m fairly certain it’s how I will feel.


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