The Intersection of Politics and Cuckolding

With election day fast approaching and the recent Falwell cuckolding controversy, I think its a good time to talk about where cuckolding and politics meet. As anyone who has been into any social media comment section knows, cuckold is the go to insult. If you go to any political discussion you’ll see the right calling the left cucks to the government and multiculturalism while the left says that the right is cucked by big business and that if Trump fucked their wife that they would still support him because its good for the country.

Cuckservative is the trendy new insult that relates to the fact so many conservatives tend to have this sexual fetish and live the lifestyle while espousing extremely traditionalist views. Notable cuckservatives are Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and the coward Jerry Falwell Jr who threw his wife Becki Tilley under the bus and called her a cheater, and let me go on a rant about Jerry boy real quick. I have no evidence to back up these claims, I am not a journalist, but this is my humble opinion. Jerry 100% brought this fetish up to his wife. She talks about being jealous with her lover’s other partners and a few other things show this couple really didn’t understand their cuckolding. Jerry obviously hated himself for this lifestyle and he sees it as a sin and so could never understand or embrace that a woman could be his equal. This tends to be the problem with every Abrahamic religion as they are extremely misogynistic and it seems like men in power always latch on to these teachings over the humanist teachings. Jerry asked his wife for this sexual gift, she gave it to him, and when others saw he spat in her face. This is disgusting. Jerry is a terrible husband and I feel extremely bad for Becki. The main reason they could never accept this when it came out though is because they both fundamentally see it as cheating, as infidelity. Fuck Jerry Falwell Jr, he should be ashamed of his whole life but nothing more so than his failure in his obligation to be a man and a husband.

This is the crux of the issue, the conflating of cuckoldry with cheating and infidelity. When people use cuckold as a political slur they are saying they are being cheated. The government is going behind your back to get their family into high power jobs and control large swaths of territory unrestrained by any locale dictations, how do you not see how cucked you are for the government? They keep importing these people from other countries and want to have a white minority and they celebrate it, do you want your woman to fuck a black man? Big business is just getting you to buy their products and make you think their logo is art so when you walk around you can be their billboard, you are so cucked for them. Wait you are wearing another big strong black man’s name across your back as opposed to your own and you think that’s masculine? Would you let him fuck your wife? Would you let Trump fuck your wife if you knew it would win him the presidency? What about Bernie or Biden? You go out and support the government with guns enforcing their will, how are you such a cuck for the police? How are you supporting BLM, do you want them to cuck your wife as reparations? These are some of the things you might read in those comment sections. What they all allude to is that the powerful are doing things without your consent and that they are cheating the public of its inherent rights. The same could be said when normies look at cuckolding.

Whenever I talk to normies (for the older readers, a normie is a meme of people not really interested in a given topic looking at it from the outside) about my sexuality I always say pansexual. It makes the most sense to get the conversation going and it shows I consider myself part of the LGBT community in some sense. It’s also pretty vague and I can normally speak about my moral values which are that I don’t have any axiomatic reason to choose either gender or a mix. Now as many of my readers would be able to point out, pansexual isn’t accurate. I do not have any sexual relations with men and descriptively I am a heterosexual male in a one way non-monogamous relationship. However talking to normies I find they see this as nothing less then cheating. If I say the word cuckold all those political insults come up as well of their own disgust at the idea and ownership of their partner kicks in.

I think this is the main reason why we see the use of stag instead of cuckold. Stag and Vixen sounds like a fun animal adventure and for me personally I love the word VIXEN. I love the way it looks, I love the art of the porn site vixen, I love all Canidaes but especially foxes, and I think the word itself has a nice alphabetical design and it’s striking because it can be drawn with no curves. Even though I love this word and would love to use it more, I describe myself as a cuckold in a cuckold relationship. I do this distinction because I think all stags are just a subset of cuckolds and as such all stags are cuckolds and I want to break this negative stigma against cuckolding.

When people say they are a stag not a cuckold they are normally doing this to differentiate between power dynamics. They want to make sure everyone knows they are not into humiliation and that they are involved in their vixen’s sexual escapades. However, this can also be said for a lot of cuckolds. While there are certainly extremes on each side of the scale, most cuckolds are involved in their partner’s bulls. Even if we take this to the extreme where the cuckold has no say and allows his wife to be with anyone, he is involved by giving her that freedom. He is giving up that responsibility in a consensual and mutual understanding. The cuckold and stag both want to be part of the experience, either to watch or to clean up after or just to hear about it and see that glow on his woman. This doesn’t require any humiliation, any masochism, and can be part of an otherwise “vanilla” and normal relationship. If you do decide to bring more power dynamics into the relationship I see that almost as separate thing and more on the BDSM side rather than the cuckolding side. The cuckold is involved because they are honestly communicating and having a healthy conversation about what they do and don’t want and that is never dictatorial or unfair in a healthy relationship.

Of course, not all relationships are healthy. We all know how abusive men can be, literally just look at any crime statistics ever, and women can also be extremely abusive. Today in the cuckolding community women abuse men most using the “findom” guise. I am sure many men enjoy the transactional side of sexuality and even get off on findom, however there are so many women hiding behind cuckoldress as a title only to suck money from desperate men that I see it as toxic to the community and their content is exactly what people mean when they use the cuckold label as an insult.

This is unhealthy because the powerful party exploits the weak and the insult of cuckold is used to say that the person being exploited is so weak and pitiful they get off to this situation. The insult is used politically because the right thinks left is being cucked by the government and the left thinks the right is being cucked by business. While both the government and business interests can be oppressive at times, the insult is meant to carry extra weight because the oppressed person is accepting this oppression. This is seen as the ultimate sign of weakness and pity. In reality cuckolds are the strong men who can look at their woman with another man and embrace her happiness. It takes strength and trust for him to give her this sexual gift, for her to accept and trust he won’t think less of her, and for both to have the strength to make this about pleasure and love instead of jealousy and control.

The insult of cuckold carries so much weight because there really are unhealthy and exploitative relationships that people apologize for no matter how unethical it is mixed in with a patriarchal society that is still trying to get over the concept of husbands owning their wives. Rather than trying to say anymore on why cuckolding involves so much strength, I will conceded that is only the case if the relationship is healthy because I want to answer a question. Why is cuckolding so popular among conservatives?

I believe the reason why there is so much popularity among conservatives is because conservatives get off on the masochistic side of cuckolding without analyzing it. They look at cuckolding as a sin and they take the pain of thinking of their wife with another man and they use that as fuel to jerk off. They think of the pain of losing their culture and of darker men coming through the borders and their fear gives them a rush as they masterbate. They look for someone to blame for their lot in life, their small cock, their trouble getting it up, their small bank account, and they blame everyone instead of taking any agency for themselves. Its the animalistic blacks or the shady Mexican or the shifty Jew who are making this change happen and it hurts so they get off to it. After they cum, they feel shame and regret and hate themselves and try to look to God or tradition to save them from their sin. Nothing in society is more taboo, nothing would make his friends and family consider him weak and worthless more than if his wife got pregnant from the biggest blackest man and he was left raising the baby. Nothing else goes so against his ideals of what a man should be and this thrill gets him off. Then he only sees this as a sin, as a guilty pleasure that he can’t really let happen. He cannot break his worldview at all so rather than introspectively look at himself and understand this kink, he blames it on the “elites” and multiculturalism for why he has this feeing and fights it.

Contrast this with someone more on the left who is more progressive. They have the same society that tells them this is bad but they see the current system of men owning women and racial segregation as unjust. They want to fight back at the society that enforces these rules and liberate women and people of color to not stay beholden to any colonial beauty standards and also to have complete bodily autonomy. The progressive wants to dismantle the systems of white supremacy and patriarchy and nothing shows this more than embracing giving his wife ultimate freedom even if that means letting a hung black man cum inside her. However, once the bull’s seed is cleaned up and his wife is sound asleep in his arms, the progressive does take a second for introspection. He thinks about why he has these fantasies and fetishes and realizes its the product of a society that says all these things are so taboo. Its not a secret kabal of jews trying to undermine the white race, its his own sexual interest in wanting something he is told he cannot have, in this case a loving wife who is also a slut. The progressive then things about dismantling these systems but then what do we build out of them? Is it a matriarchy and black supremacy instead? No, that is just swapping the places in a still oppressive and unhealthy relationship. The progressive cuckolds who go this far are almost the same as the conservative cuckolds but most progressives are too openminded and liberal to want that. To be truly liberated people would be able to choose whatever they wish whether thats fucking 5 new hung black guys each weekend or one man with 4 inches for the rest of their lives. Marriage would be a partnership not ownership and it doesn’t matter who mows the lawn or does the dishes. To truly be liberated, would be to dismantle the thrilling taboo the couple is shattering.

And this is where we find the main difference, and why I think cuckolding is so popular among conservatives. As they mentally go deeper into cuckolding their mindset reinforces the taboo as just and them as sinners and so they find it harder to escape because in their mind they value hierarchy over all else and get off on trying to dominate that hierarchy. The progressive cuckolds who want matriarchy and black supremacy, who I will just call regressive cuckolds, are the same they are just getting off at the bottom the the hierarchy. True progressives value egalitarianism and so giving people the complete freedom to do what they want is paramount, even the freedom from social expectations. Because of this, the progressive cuckold can actually reason himself out of some of his kinks when he sees gender and race are social constructs. Also, if the progressive cuckold is getting compersion over anything else from the relationship, this is never just sexual and cuckold can become more of the cherry on top rather than the whole sundae. The conservatives however need to have cuckolding as the main treat because they are using the fetish in a masochistic way and nothing is more painful than this.

Personally, I tend to be pretty progressive especially with cuckolding. The conservatives and regressives both get off on a shady world power pushing for the white race to be destroyed by interracial cuckolding. They both have an unhealthy relationship with cuckolding and believe a conspiracy which I just can’t get behind. Ironically for the conservatives, if I didn’t grown up in a society where a black man dating a white woman wasn’t so taboo, I probably wouldn’t have my same fetishes. I would still love contrast and I watch about 25% black women white male porn and if people were purple and green I would watch that. However the reason a BBC and thick white girl turned me on is because there were always so many beautiful thick white girls who dated black guys who my friends would say were basically off limits. This idea that I couldn’t have them made me want them more and by dismantling these expectations I probably wouldn’t have had the same love for interracial porn as I do today. I think this is why there are so many regressives, they value the fetish so much they worry a post-racial, post-patriarchal society would undermine it.

I see this regressive think as foolish. A lot of this idea comes from the fears of miscegenation and that whites and blacks might lose their identities. This will probably never ever happen no matter how multicultural we become. The thing they never tell you in those youtube videos with the scary music about how white people might become a minority by 2040, is that there are legitimately more white people than at any time in history. No one is being displaced, there are just more people being added to the nation which is a good thing unless you want to end up atrophied like racist Japan. There are probably going to be white and black and hispanic and mixed people for all of mankind and as we colonize the stars I am sure we will see new peoples come and go and one day we may have Martians wanting to have a big strong earthling fuck their wife (Martians will always be weaker because of their smaller gravity) and I see no reason to fear losing any identity.

At the end of the day, we all came out of Africa, we are all brothers and sisters of the human race, and each one of us is unique and deserving of love and egalitarian treatment. There is no hierarchy to race or gender and everyone in every relationship needs to open and honestly decide what they want for them and their partner. We should take these same lessons into government and business. We should support a government that is responsive to the people and does not force them into undesirable circumstances and we should only be supporting a market in which capital does not extort its citizens for the profit of a select few. The hierarchy of politicians and business executives needs to be just as voluntary and democratic as an intimate relationship with your partner. We are, to be sure, a long way off from utopia but we have been getting better and better with every generation. I hope we continue to progress and I hope I can help that progress by dismantling the insult of the cuckold, even if its really funny and hypocritical when applied to conservatives.

Regardless of your politics, stay safe and one love homie. Thanks for the read.

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