The Queen’s Court

The Queen’s Court is where we find ourselves as cuckolds. This is her realm and she reigns supreme. She is magnanimous in her grace and benevolent in her regality. She is the ruler of every cuckold kingdom and the cuckolds and bulls bow down to her wishes. She has a whole court of men who support her claim to the throne, and that is what we will be discussing today. All these men are valuable and serve their purpose to the queen in the following ways.


The jester of the court is for entertainment of the queen. He is to be used for their comedic properties and enjoy being laughed at as much as the queen loves laughing at them. The jester is to be a toy for the queen and to be played with however she wishes. The jesters are the cuckolds who love humiliation. They might love to wear panties and be told how small their little penis is and how cute it is. The jesters may also love taking a beating from the queen or the rest of her court and from the outside he has it the hardest. It is important to remember however, the jester wants this. As hard as the pain and embarrassment might look from the outside, it is even hotter and more fulfilling for the jester to get the privilege of having this role. These cucks may never have the privilege of entering through the queen’s keep but they love having the opportunity to gaze in and accept the price for the right queen.


The knight of the court is for the service of the queen. He is to be used to protect and defend the queen’s honor in anyway. The knight is a selfless cuckold who will step in front of the sword for his queen and swing his sword if he must. The knight is allowed into the queen’s keep but only enters her chambers with her permission. The knight will go to battle and slay any enemies or dragons that threaten the queen. The knight serves his queen faithfully and honorably and appreciates being given the opportunity to put the queen’s well-being above his own. The knights are the cuckolds who see the pain and struggle of being a cuckold not in the light of humiliation, as much as a task that needs to be accomplished. The queen’s kingdoms must be safe and everything must be running smooth and sometimes that is sending troops out on the battlefield and sometimes that is cleaning the latrines, both of these are done with honor and accepting any of the suffering that goes on with accomplishing these tasks. The suffering in fact is what gives the knight his honor, because he is able to persevere through it. The knight dawns his armor and his sword and kneels before the queen awaiting his assignment, satisfied in knowing whatever quest he is sent on, it is in service to a worthy queen.


The king is the highest elevation a man can hope for. He serves his queen in every aspect and has committed to her through marriage. The king supports his queen as the true sovereign but he is elevated beyond a knight to be her closest advisor and confidant. The king has all of the honor of the knight, but the glory of being at the right hand of the queen. The king is the cuckold who marries his cuckoldress and who the queen elevates to be no longer below her but beside her. It is still the queen’s court and the king is only a part of it but they are partners at this point. This is the end goal for every true cuckold. The king is honored to have the weight of the crown but with this comes more responsibility. The king compared to the knight now must not die for the queen, but live for her. He must support the kingdom and rally the troops and maintain strong and stable leadership in support of his queen. With great power comes great responsibility and the power of a queen’s immense sexuality is a challenge a true king would never stray away from.


The diplomats are from outside the kingdom. They enter the court and provide aid to the queen but have other matters to attend to in their far away realms. The diplomats are the bulls in a cuckolding relationship. The jesters support and entertain the diplomats to ensure smooth relations with the queen. The knights provide protection and honorable service to the diplomats at the behest of the queen. The king engages and advises in each treaties with the queen and ensures she is always getting exactly what she wants and building allies and crushing enemies. The diplomats can be dismissed by the queen and the rest of her court will always support this. This is the queen’s realm and her word is law and the rest of her court ensures her declarations are executed.

All these men make up the queen’s court and are their to support her. This service allows the satisfactory actualization for each member. By looking at the cuckold relationship in this medieval light we are able to see the power dynamics in a fun and interesting way. This shows the stratification of responsibility and the roles different men play. This however is not to be taken too seriously. We are all a bit of a jester when we make our women laugh and any man who respects women is a king in my book. Plus what man doesn’t want to be a knight in shining armor for his woman? The point of this is to see the value in elevating your woman to a queen and embracing your role as her cuckold.

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