I Cuck Therefore I Am

Its Okay to be Monogamous

Monogamous relationships are valid. This seems we to say doesn’t it? That is because no one questions monogamous relationships, they do however question other types of relationships. No one questions that a monogamous pair can have a loving and healthy relationship and build a family together with a man fulfilling his gender role and a woman fulfilling hers. To be fair this isn’t completely out of place. The idea of a nuclear family allows a man to know who his children are and provide and protect them while the woman can nurture the children with her own flesh. This is most likely why marriage is almost universal among human civilizations. This however does not make it automatically good. Roughly half of all marriages end in divorce and no one would argue monogamy cures domestic violence or child abuse. A relationship’s healthy is not defined by how monogamous the couple is. We should condemn unhealthy relationships and praise healthy ones so that socially, we can put an end to some of these ills, but how do we do that?


LGBT: lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans. This little acronym covers almost all of human relationships. It is used to bind all these people against those who would demonize them, and describes valid ways that humans can express themselves. However, it is a little lacking and so the 4 letters have procured allies over the years. Q for queer, A for asexual, I for intersex, and now just + for everything else. While some will gawk at these developments of liberals overcomplicating this (to be fair LGBTQAI+ is not very catchy) I think that this is a good development for our culture in accepting the reality of the ways people express themselves. The reason they are all included is because every single one of these groups can have loving and fulfilling relationships. They do this by accepting themselves first, and then finding others who appreciate and respect what they provide. That is how you have a healthy relationship, honest communication and mutual appreciate and respect. All the people under the rainbow banner, they tend to know this more because they have to struggle to accept who they are when society is telling them it is wrong. I think this is most apparent from Dan Savage’s perspective where he says that if you are coming out to your family, you are really telling them you like to suck cock. This of course does not guarantee healthy relationships, but taking the time for self-reflection that coming out needs puts you in the right direction. This is why I want to add a new letter to the rainbow alphabet, C for cuck.

Cuck Yes

I am a cuckold and I love that I am. I have done a lot of self-reflection involving my sexuality, I have questioned if I am gay, my gender identity, and to be honest, pretty much every aspect of reality itself. I have fallen down existential rabbit holes and wrestled with the monster of solipsism and I am only sure about a few things in life, but one thing is for sure, I am a cuckold. To be a cuckold for me means has a few parts to it. First off I am a man. I am not into feminization or being a sissy or anything of the sort. I love wearing male clothes, filling the social expectations of manhood, and I get euphoria being treated as a man by society and actualizing what it means to be a man individually and internally. Second, I love being loyal and devoted to a woman. Without women I am convinced men would still be in caves with a rock for a pillow content. A woman however can move men to action and I have felt this myself. I am not attracted to all women, but when I meet a special kind of woman I feel a surge of electricity run through me that pulls me to them with the very fabric of the universe. There is always that spark for me when I meet someone special, and it draws me in deep. This is what led me to reject the idea that a man gets his worth from how many woman he fucks, and instead led me to embrace that a man’s worth comes from how happy he can make a woman. This of course leads me to the last aspect of cuckolding, that SHE has complete sexual freedom and exploration. In doing this I reject society’s idea that a woman is more valuable if she is more modest all the way to prizing virginity, which is super weird and creepy. I embrace that a woman’s sexual liberation can send her to new heights, and that being a man that supports that is my most fulfilling role. If I go out to the club with my partner and seeing her checking out a tall dark and handsome man that turns me on and that’s what makes me a cuckold. Some men can’t handle this, they see it and they want to have a territorial claim over them and I get that. Cuckolding is not for those men, and the women who want a territorial claim over themselves. However I do want to be claimed. I want to have a chastity cage on with they key sitting in my woman’s soft bosom. I want her to own every erection and orgasm I have and I want her to sexually liberate herself. When she unlocks my cage I am hers and when I eat her well fucked pussy she is mine. I am lucky to have her and happy that she can experience more than just me. I want her not to just have a husband’s penis to come home to, but all the big black cock she can handle, and the more she loves it, the more I say cuck yes.

Sexual Energy

To be fair, I would be okay with my woman cuckolding me anyway she wants. If she wants to be with a woman, or finds a sexy Viking, or if she just wants me to get a toy, I want her to know I there is no request that wont be fulfilled. I will do everything and devote myself to her as a knight does to a queen, and I will feel manly as hell doing it. The reason why cuckolding often involves hung black men is the sheer sexual energy. I am a fit and professional man and I know that any woman would be lucky to have me. I know that I have a lot of sexual energy myself and that I can use my body to bring most women to orgasm. However, I don’t want her to just have me. This is probably something only a cuckold can understand but there is an attraction to the bull. The way this attraction works is I am attracted to what he can do to my woman, the way he can fill her up, the way he can fuck her deep, and all the ways in which he is different than me and providing something beyond my limits to her. When I see a woman slowly pull down the pants of a hung black bull and look in arousal and amazement at its sexual power I am at a new height. I have stepped above the clouds and am beyond anything a vanilla relationship could give me. From this height I can see that my partner is also skyrocketing. She is sent into the stars because she not only has all of her sexual needs met, but her emotional needs as well. She is a dove with no cage and in giving her that freedom I am more fulfilled when she does return to me. I never feel more alive, more masculine, or more actualized. I cuck, therefore I am.

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