I Cuck Therefore I Am

Its Okay to be Monogamous Monogamous relationships are valid. This seems we to say doesn’t it? That is because no one questions monogamous relationships, they do however question other types of relationships. No one questions that a monogamous pair can have a loving and healthy relationship and build a family together with a man fulfilling his gender role and a woman fulfilling hers. To be … Continue reading I Cuck Therefore I Am

The Intersection of Politics and Cuckolding

With election day fast approaching and the recent Falwell cuckolding controversy, I think its a good time to talk about where cuckolding and politics meet. As anyone who has been into any social media comment section knows, cuckold is the go to insult. If you go to any political discussion you’ll see the right calling the left cucks to the government and multiculturalism while the … Continue reading The Intersection of Politics and Cuckolding


The cuckold mentality and lifestyle are at a deep level founded on dealing with personal insecurities. As men in a patriarchal society we all find we cannot live up to the ideal. No matter how big and strong we are, the size of our cock, how much we have in the bank, there is always someone bigger and badder out there in some attribute. If … Continue reading Insecurities

Positive Perception

Perception is everything. Anyone in history who has ever been truly enlightened or reached Nirvana or whatever you wish to call that feeling of absolute serenity has reached this zenith through changing their perception. By meditating on a topic and looking and focusing on the object you can extract something almost supernatural from the physical world. Sometimes you don’t even need to work on it, … Continue reading Positive Perception